The Words Fail Me // Avery has Relapsed

I don’t even know how to write the news we were given just a little while ago.

Avery has relapsed.

baby in hospital with PICC line and IV fluids for chemo pain management

We are, of course, devastated. Even the Oncologist said they were blindsided by the results when they came today.

These findings are from the bone marrow biopsy they did last week. They didn’t rush the results because her blood looked fine and the Doctor wasn’t concerned with her at all.

Her Lumbar Puncture last week was clear. Blood work still looks good. Other than these biopsy results, she still looks perfectly fine.

The Doctor said it looks like they’ve caught it early again.

The good news is it’s the same cancer, it hasn’t mutated into a new kind, so she is eligible for CAR T-Cell Therapy.

She’s already been approved and Children’s is #2 in the country for this treatment.

baby laying in hospital bed with blood pressure cough on foot

Mom and Dad will meet the team a few times next week and then start the treatment the following week.

Right now they have to get the pain managed and get her eating so she can go home.

Another positive aspect of the treatment is it’s easier than the current therapy she’s on.

She could still need a bone marrow transplant in the future and Big Sis is her best chance at a family match.

Otherwise, we’ll be looking at strangers. Are you signed up at Be The Match? If the treatment doesn’t work, a transplant is Avery’s best chance at a cure.


Here’s how you can help from home:

First, prayer. We need to continue to storm the gates of heaven for Avery.

Their biggest tangible needs are food and money. Even with insurance, the costs are undoubtedly going to continue to add up.

For starters, we set up a GoFundMe with a tentative amount that will most likely go up as we continue:

To help them stay fed while at the hospital, we’ve found DoorDash gift cards are best:

Email for digital gift cards here: [email protected]

Want to send cash straight to Chey through Cashapp? $CheyenneShipwash

Or you can send it straight to Nic through Venmo: @NKiernan

Want to send tangible gifts? We’ve set up an Amazon Wish List.

Purchase a shirt here: Happily Ever Avery products

Facebook page for updates: Happily Ever Avery

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