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Disclosure: As a Little Passports Ambassador, my kids receive monthly kits from “Around the World” to enjoy. The post may also contain affiliate links. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.

Thanksgiving is near and kids around the country are most likely studying the history of the holiday. A history that speaks of the first American settlers, as well as Native American Indians. As we travel around our world with Little Passports, we too have discovered different cultures, including those native to our land.

Native American Word Scramble

Native American Word Scramble

This Native American Word Scramble is just a small sample of the fun, engaging activities that come in each Little Passports package every month. The package is put together to educate your children on different states, countries, and cultures all over the world. My kids have enjoyed traveling around the world and discovering new and exciting traditions, foods, and more. You can print out the word scramble above and get started now!

Little Passports

Little Passports offers two subscription services… the World and US Editions. with both editions, the child will receive a package each month with various items from Sofia and Sam’s journeys. Plus, they will also send along a new boarding pass to access more games and activities within The Boarding Zone. Each plan is based on a 3, 6, or 12 month service… or you can subscribe monthly. The kits vary based on the service you choose.

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