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Do you have a word of the year? It’s become a popular trend over the last few years and, although I don’t go to any extremes, I do try to come up with one for myself.

what is your word of the year

Word of the Year 2020

In fact, I don’t typically talk about it. It’s simply a goal for myself. Something to focus on for the year, I guess. But, this year I decided to take it a step further.

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I wanted to find a way to make it stick, I guess.

First, let’s talk about how my brain works and what led me to choosing my word. To help you understand a bit more, let’s talk enneagrams.

What is an enneagram?

The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people conceptualize the world and manage their emotions.


Basically, it’s a personality test of sorts and is mostly used for personal self-knowledge and personality development. It offers some insight into understanding our own intuitions, as well as how to play well with others.

Me? I’m an Enneagram Type 5w6; “The Problem Solver.” Fives want to find out why things are the way they are.

If you only knew. I don’t take anything at face value and fully believe in researching everything. I always tell Colby, “You don’t want to see my Google search history.” I look up EVERYTHING I have a question about.

365 days guided journal

Therefore, when I began my quest for picking just the right word for 2020, it had to be thoroughly researched and developed. And the more I discovered, the more I became sure of my word: grateful

grate·ful /ˈɡrātfəl/ adjective

• feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.

2019 was the year I began to work through the 7th step of grief: acceptance and hope. Grief isn’t an easy process and it’s a different journey for everyone, but I found a reason to have hope this past year.

grateful for my husband

That hope then led a more grateful heart towards the little things in my life. The tangible things I still have. The people around me; roof over my head; basic necessities.

I understood the need to appreciate what I have now, before it’s too late and I miss it.

All of this then led me not only to discover my word for 2020, but to try to help others cultivate their own attitude of gratitude.

365 Days of Gratitude: Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude One Day at a Time

You could say it’s one of those things that, once you find it, you desperately want to share it with others. To let others see what you’ve found and how it can help them as well.

And I don’t do this often. Share my feelings in such an open, raw way. As an introvert, I tend to keep those things to myself in fear of rejection.

But, in addition to being grateful, I’m also learning to be brave. To be bold. To do the hard things. It’s not always easy to put yourself out there, but here I am trying my best.

What’s your word?

Feel free to take my word if you don’t have one yet. Okay, it’s not my word but it’s the one I’m claiming this year.

If you want to share it, I’d be happy to take this journey with you. And, if you’re up to it, grab a copy of 365 Days of Gratitude: Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude One Day at a Time and let’s do this thing together!

365 Days of Gratitude

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