Sony LF-S50G Bluetooth speaker

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There’s rarely a moment in our home when music is not streaming… somewhere. While Colby and I work, we have music playing. I can’t handle the constant sound of typing. Music covers it. During our family meals. Music streams. Again, I can’t listen to mouth noises. Look up Misophonia and you’ll understand. Plus, I simply love to have music playing. Always have. It seems to speak right to my soul.

Sony LF-S50G Voice-Activated Speaker

Sony Voice-Activated Speaker

Lucky for me, the ability to wirelessly connect to devices is simple through today’s technology. Bluetooth® connectivity doesn’t require any special app or hardware as long as you have an enabled device. For example, the Sony LF-S50G Voice-Activated Speaker, available at Best Buy, has built-in Bluetooth for streaming audio from your smartphone. Once I’ve paired my iPhone with the Sony speaker, I can easily enjoy my favorite playlists, podcasts or audio book. In fact, I can connect multiple speakers and listen to the same song throughout the entire house. Not bad for a small piece of technology, right?

Sony Voice-Activated Speaker

Gone are the days of wiring your house for surround sound. The 360° Sony wireless smart speaker lets you enjoy clear sound—and bass—from every corner of the room. Not to mention, you can easily change the volume without even touching the speaker. You just wave your hand over the top and the smart speaker will know exactly what you mean. So, it’s not only fun and useful to have around, but practical too. How many times have your hands been covered in muck or wet from washing and you need to turn the music down? Just me?

But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. The Sony Voice-Activated Speaker also features:

  • Google Assistant — Play music. Get answers. Control your smart devices. Built-in Google Assistant can do just about anything you ask it to. Just start with “Ok Google” to talk to your Assistant.
  • Splashproof — Your speaker can handle a little water, thanks to an IPX3-rated splashproof design. You can even take the cover off and rinse it under the tap.
  • Clock display — With an LED clock display, you never need to ask Google for the time. You can dim or turn it off to minimize electric light in your room.
  • Auto Volume Control — Automated volume control adapts to noise in the room so you can always listen at a comfortable level.
  • High quality sound — Feel more from your music, thanks to a two-way facing speaker, two-stage diffuser, and bass reflex duct.

Plus, you can connect wirelessly from up to 66′ away. Pair this speaker with virtually any smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device. NFC technology enables one-touch pairing. Built-in Wi-Fi for easy connection to your home network or devices; and you don’t have to stand right next to it to make it all happen. The Sony LF-S50G gives you the freedom to move around and still enjoy your music. This is sure to be one of the top tech gifts this holiday season.

Sony LF-S50G Bluetooth speaker

What’s on your holiday top tech gift list?

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