Qixels by Moose Toys

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Perhaps it’s because we are in the South and used to warm weather, but when the temperatures turn cold we tend to hibernate. That means we have to get creative with indoor activities for the kids. Fortunately, we have a few ideas up our sleeves and new items, such as Qixels, keep things new and fresh each year!

Qixels by Moose Toys

Winter Indoor Activities For Kids

There is no reason for bored, bickering kids when you have an imagination and creative mind to help make the winter months fun! Hopefully, these simple 5 winter indoor activities will keep your child from getting cabin fever — and will help you maintain your sanity! Gather a few supplies and get ready to have a bit of fun!

Qixels Turbo Dryer

Create Your Own Fun

Qixels is a creative activity set that inspires kids to use their imagination to create their own fun! Using cubes that fuse together with a water, kids can create their own 8-bit world of characters. Boys and girls alike will enjoy using their hands and creativity to construct their favorite pixelated characters. They can use the templates provided by Moose Toys or use their own imagination to build new designs. Then, start pressing the plunger on the Turbo Dryer to set the station spinning to dry your creation and head off to enjoy it.

Scavenger Hunt

Either on your computer or handwritten piece of paper, come up with an easy scavenger hunt for the kids to do inside the house. They can then search alone or in teams. Find small prizes you can put together for the winners.

rainbow making craft

Get Crafty

Spread newspaper on the kitchen table and pull out the craft box. Let your child have free reign to create or sit down and help them make a designated craft. Even a roll of paper and set of crayons can help them express themselves while sick and be therapeutic for everyone.

Fashion Show

Yes, I do have 4 daughters. But, you can even get the boys interested in the fun. Mix up the show and have the kids put together creative, unique and wacky outfits. It’s all in the name of a little fashion fun.

cousins bonding over board games

Game Day

Break out the board games, card, and gaming systems. Create a list of games for everyone to play and make it a friendly competition. An easy point system used throughout the day can motivate everyone to play along. Crown the overall winner at the end of the day or simply celebrate the fact that the whole family won by spending time together.

Make a Fort

Surely you have done this a time or two. Pull out the blankets and/or sheets. Rearrange the furniture. Put together a fun fort to everyone to climb inside and play!

kids in the kitchen

In the Kitchen

My kids love to help us in the kitchen. Whether cooking dinner or baking confectionery creations in the oven, there is plenty the kids can help with in the kitchen. Let them make a mess, you can always clean up afterward. The time spent with them is more than worth the time cleaning.

Pretend Play

Switch roles and let your child be the doctor. Lay a picnic blanket on the floor and have a tea party minus the ants. Grab the stuffed animals and let your child become zookeeper for the day. The ideas are limited only by your child’s imagination.

No matter what the weather is like outside, you can still have a magical time indoors with a little spontaneous planning and creativity!

Qixels by Moose Toys

Qixels (pronounced “Quick-suls”) are appropriate for ages five and up and is available at mass retailers everywhere from $9.99 – $19.99. With Qixels, Moose Toys has carved out the “craftstruction” category, the newest creative activity play pattern that appeals to boys and girls alike.

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