I don’t know about you, but when people ask what I do and I reply, “I blog” they tend to give me a confuzzled look. Apparently it is not recognized as a “j-o-b” in all circles. Hmmm… that’s okay by me. I get looks of discontent when I am on my phone checking emails, approving blog comments, doing a Twitter party {important enough to be doing on my phone}, checking my Klout score, whatever it may be. {Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE my iPhone? I don’t think I have! It has been such an amazing tool in this whole process!} But that’s okay because I tell you what, I rather enjoy being able to sit at home with my kids everyday and doing something that brings a small piece of accomplishment to my day, in addition to keeping the kids fed, breaking up sibling spats, potty training a toddler, picking up the same toys over and over again, vacuuming the floor 5 times a day, and just trying to maintain my sanity {just to name a few}. My blog, in many ways, is an outlet for me.

out·let – noun – an opening or passage by which anything is let out; vent; exit.

As I sit in front of my computer screen and words begin to come, I know that I am involving more of a thought process than I just used to change my 4th diaper of the day. My brain is exercising even if my physical body is not at the moment. At least something on me is getting a good workout! I have always enjoyed reading and writing. English was one of my favorite subjects in school and blogging may just be the creative outlet I need to fulfill my desire to just “do something.” Plus, in a family of 7, even as the mom, my voice is not always heard and this allows me to be heard, listened to, and, sometimes, even responded to. That alone can be pretty gratifying!

Furthermore, in order to contribute in some small way to our shoestring budget, writing an occasional sponsored post or generating a bit of change here and there from an affiliate link allows to me to feel as though I can help. Every penny counts around here… and knowing a few of those pennies are mine gives me the satisfaction in knowing I helped. I have not worked outside the home {in a paid capacity} since right after JJ was born and she is 7. SuperDad tells me that the money is not important, but to me, it is. I want to be able to contribute and assist him because he does work so very hard to take care of our family. {Oh, how I adore that man!}

Moving on! I must admit that although I am quite content living here in my own little world, I sort of like the networking and relationships that blogging allows me. I have met such nice people along the way, of course only virtually at this point, but hope to meet some face-to-face one day at events such as Bloggy Conference. I am building my online presence through social media and, as my son tells, am “so much cooler online.” That’s cool too. I can totally live with that as well.

Finally, blogging is just fun. Plain and simple. I can laugh or cry as I type and at times I even type angry {although those posts have to sit for 24 hours so that I make sure I take the time to reaffirm that the anger is justified… house rule}. But, all in all, I enjoy sharing with others and even if no one ever read the blog I would still write. It is who I am! Besides, my family has come to love the USPS, UPS, and FedEX drivers as much as I! The products coming in for reviews and the prizes from Twitter parties make it all worth it for them! In fact, JJ is waiting anxiously for the [amazon_link id=”B003UE4A86″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Kobo Reader[/amazon_link] and the rest of the family can not wait for the iPad2 to arrive {both recent wins}! Just part of the many advantages of being active on the web and sharing through the {type}written word. Oh, yeah, I am a blogger and proud of it! Thanks for asking! 🙂

SuperDad set this up for me this week to help simplify things Most of the products I have for reviews… gotta get busy