Why It's Important To Keep Record Of Your Kids' Height

Why It’s Important To Keep Record Of Your Kids’ Height

We are all different, but that is something to be celebrated. Every person has their own unique story and the ability to contribute in a way that is special just for them.

And while one person may not have what it takes to do some things, they could excel at others.

This makes us more complete people because we can appreciate our differences and find ways of celebrating them with each other.

Why It's Important To Keep Record Of Your Kids' Height

It’s important for parents of children (or plan to have them) who are growing up now to document these moments so they can look back on them when their child becomes an adult or share them with their kids later in life. 

Why should you do it?

Height is a barometer of health. A child’s height can be an indicator of their risk for certain diseases or disorders later in life. It can also indicate if there are developmental problems during childhood that could lead to physical, mental, and emotional issues later on.

Fortunately, there are many ways to keep track of your child’s height and health with the use of online trackers, like this tool, or good-old handwritten data. 

This is very important since different races grow at different rates. Children who are too short or too tall for their age could be at risk for certain diseases, even if they appear perfectly healthy otherwise.

While most children will eventually catch up to peers who are of the same age, it’s best to keep track of their growth so that they can get medical attention if necessary.

What can slow height development mean for your child’s health?

Certain disorders could cause a person not to grow at all or even become shorter compared to others in their age group. While this isn’t necessarily something dangerous on its own (short stature is considered part of normal human diversity after all) it does present certain risks of its own.

Short kids often get screened because it may mean they have a condition like:

  • Growth Hormone Deficiency 
  • Cushing’s Syndrome 
  • Dwarfism
  • Hypothyroidism

They need to be monitored closely for their health and development. If they are found to have a problem early on, it is usually very treatable. Research shows that taller kids tend to be healthier too.

While it might seem like something trivial, there is scientific evidence backing the link between height and health risks.

You are also making memories along the way

Keeping track of height is important for parents since it’s an easy record to make. It only takes a few seconds each time your child goes through one of their growth spurts (which can be daily at times) to mark on paper or in an online tool, and you get to enjoy memories of your child growing.

It makes for a great conversation starter when they get older. The main reason people do this is so they can look back on the memories created while their child was growing up. 

Kids grow so fast, it is hard to keep up with all of the milestones they are hitting on their way to adulthood! If you’ve kept a record of your child’s height throughout their childhood, you can look back and see how far they have come.

You never know when they will want this information too! This might not be the most important part of your child’s growth, but they might appreciate it when they get older. 

Maybe they want to look into the possibility of playing a sport professionally or joining the military. The information from their childhood can help them decide if something is possible for them in the future. This documentation helps create a pattern that will provide some insight into their development.

Keeping track of your child’s height is a great way for parents to document and remember milestones in their growth. If you want to know if they are growing properly, it’s an easy way to do so since most kids grow in spurts. 

It only takes a few seconds during each growth spurt, and it can be fun for parents too! A record of your child’s height through their entire childhood creates memories that will last a lifetime.

The best part about keeping these records? You get an opportunity to create memories with your children while they’re still young enough to enjoy them!

While it may seem like something trivial, the information you keep will provide insight into how tall they’ll grow as adults and what potential future careers would work well with their body type.