Mount Srd in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Family holidays are the best ways to introduce your kids to new places and experiences, ignite a sense of adventure, and broaden their perspectives in life.

Europe is the best destination when it comes to this.

The continent is home to some of the world’s most beautiful countries. Some are rich in culture and history, while others are blessed with stunning natural beauty and offer numerous opportunities for outdoor adventures.

Elafonissi Beach in Crete, Greece

Here’s where to go in Europe with the whole family.

  1. Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda is one of Italy’s most beautiful lakes and a great destination to take the family for a holiday. It’s an ideal base for numerous outdoor activities, from boating at the lake to strolling its charming old towns.

Everywhere you look, you’ll see spectacular mountains offering a magnificent backdrop to the scenic lake.

If you have little kids, it’s worth spending the day at one of the theme parks in Lake Garda, such as Gardaland, the region’s version of Disneyland. It offers fun rides for kids of all ages. There are live shows and entertainment, an aquarium, and many more!

For families who love wildlife, visit Parco Natura Viva, an animal-themed park that shelters animals at risk and is home to more than a thousand different animal species.

One of the best ways to enjoy the superb views of the lake is to take the cable car ride from Malcesine to Monte Baldo. Traveling at 1,800 meters above sea level, riding the cable car is a fantastic way to admire the panoramic views of the lake.

Most towns and villages have small beaches suitable for little kids, giving you plenty of options for fun days at the beach. For water sports, head to Nago-Torbole, Lake Garda’s surfing mecca.

  1. Crete, Greece 

Crete is a picturesque island that offers fun activities for everyone in the family. It has gorgeous beaches, sandy coves, theme parks, and a rich culture and history. In addition, you will find several family-friendly villas in Crete, offering a comfortable and safe place to stay for you and your kids.

Most visitors would come to Crete for the beach. It’s home to some of the most stunning beaches in Greece, such as Elafonissi Beach, which has sparkling turquoise waters and fine white sand that the entire family will love.

If your kids are into hiking, conquer the Samaria Gorge, a popular hiking trail in Crete that’s almost nine miles long. Since it’s mostly downhill, it should be easy for kids to conquer. You can take a bus at the end of the trek, so you won’t have to hike back up. 

Take your kids to Knossos Palace to learn some Greek Mythology. It’s the largest Bronze Age archaeological site in Crete and exploring it with the family is a fun experience.

Consider booking a local guide who can share more insights about the place, which makes for a more delightful experience.

  1. Majorca, Spain

Visiting Majorca with the family is fun! It’s a picture-perfect paradise with beautiful beaches and lots of fun stuff to delight everyone in the family. Majorca also offers the perfect setting for adults who prefer to relax.

You can lounge at the beach, indulge in delicious Spanish cuisine, and treat yourself to a drink or two at a beachside bar. 

Palma, the island’s capital city, is an ideal base for your holiday. It’s home to many family-friendly hotels and is a fun place to stroll around with the kids. The city has a rich history, and you’ll learn more about it as you explore its historical sites.

If you want to spend your days relaxing at the beach, head to Sa Calobra, a small fishing village home to two beautiful beaches. It’s isolated, offering ultimate relaxation and tranquility.

Your family holiday to Majorca won’t be complete without a visit to the Drach Caves. Extending to a depth of 25 metres and with a length of approximately 4 km, it’s one of the island’s most spectacular attractions. If your kids are adventurous, they will love exploring this fascinating site.

  1. The Algarve, Portugal 

Famous for its beautiful beaches and year-round sunshine, not to mention tons of family-friendly attractions, the Algarve is undoubtedly one of Europe’s best destinations for a family holiday.

The picturesque region is also home to some of the most excellent villas in Portugal, which are best suited for families travelling with kids. 

As a family-friendly destination, the Algarve is home to excellent waterparks, such as Aquashow, Slide & Splash or Aqualand. These parks offer fun rides, slides, pools, and activities for kids of all ages.

Another fun activity with the family in the Algarve is to go on a boat trip, where you explore secluded beaches and coves and enjoy activities like snorkeling and kayaking. If you are lucky, you can even catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming in the sea!

For curious little kids who love wildlife, take them to Lagos Zoo, where your kids can get close to fascinating animal species, including the elusive Iberian lynx.

  1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is famous for its stunning scenery and for being the filming location of Game of Thrones. It’s also a city offering fun adventures and historical discoveries, making it a great holiday destination for the family. 

The Old Town is the hub of Dubrovnik, with walls built around the 13th century. Walking through it with your kids is fun, especially with the magnificent views of the Adriatic Sea in the background.

Riding the cable car to Mount Srd is another fun activity for the family. If the family is up for adventures, consider walking to the top instead of taking the cable car. The views of the Old Town from the top are truly breathtaking, which makes the climb worth it.

Consider taking a day trip to the nearby Lokrum Island on your visit to Dubrovnik. It’s a small island home to beautiful beaches and scenic hiking trails.

Since it’s only about 1.5 miles long, you can explore the entire island on foot, a great activity for active families.