What I Wish Someone Had Told Me to Buy for My New Baby

When you start a family the amount of products that you are told you “need” can feel overwhelming.

Even if you have decided you do need an item, such as a car seat, you are then faced with a sea of possibilities, with each brand claiming to be the best for your baby.

Inevitably, first time parents can end up drowning in “essential” items that they find they never use or they end up replacing as the original purchase didn’t suit their needs.

Starting a family can be an expensive process at the best of times, so wasting money on unused or quickly replaced goods should be avoided. 

mom pushing stroller and smiling at baby

Here we have outlined two of the potentially pricier purchases you may be considering and some considerations to keep in mind before you commit to what could be a costly mistake. 

The Stroller 

This is probably going to be one of your big ticket items so it is important to get it right. 

Here are some factors you should consider;

  • Can you open it one handed? This is good if your other hand is holding your precious baby (or an important hot coffee) 
  • Can you steer it one handed? Strollers with a top bar like the nuna strollers mean your other hand is freed up for holding a dog lead, another child’s hand, or again that important cup of coffee.
  • How does it fold? Does it fold umbrella style or compact into a square shape? Which works better for your home/car/storage? 
  • How long will it last? What is the maximum age/weight it can support; you want longevity from a pricey item. 

The Baby Monitor 

Oh the baby monitor, an oversaturated market if ever there was one, with prices from the most budget base models to the most high end all singing and all dancing versions!

But what do you actually need? 

  • Do I need video?  Being able to easily see your baby without disturbing them means you can quickly ensure that they are in a safe position. As the child gets older you can also check if they have gotten out of their bed (on purpose or not!). 
  • Do I need two way communication? A lot of the higher end models include an option for you to speak into the handheld “parent” unit and it will play in the nursery. This is one of those features that sounds handy but I find is rarely used in practice, if the baby can hear you they probably want to see you. 
  • Do I choose WiFi or Bluetooth? There are a multitude of connectivity options for baby monitors, some models often sync to your phones which can be convenient, however a secure Bluetooth connection to a unit device is less hackable. 

For the above items, and for almost all baby items (other than those where hygiene is of the utmost importance such as baby bottles or soothers), always consider whether you need to buy new or whether you can find a preloved bargain.

You can often find brand new items on second hand sites from parents who changed their mind or had multiple items gifted — so always check these first.