{Wellness Journey} Maintaining our Weight Loss

This week SuperDad and I have been going it alone. That meaning we have not been on any spray or drops. We began our maintenance phase on Monday and we are supposed to maintain our current weight without the use of the supplements. So far we have done pretty well. We are both holding steady with the weight we ended last week with.

We were told to slowly add things such as cheese and other dairy back into our diet. Plus, the Bouari Clinic suggested we also begin some light cardio. Well, I do not know if the light cardio includes chasing the kids around, but that is about all we have got this week. Hoping we can get going on a better workout routine next week. This week was tough with 2 kids down with a stomach virus for half the week. {I secretly wish I could catch that stomach virus and lose another 5 pounds!}

Anyways, we will stay on the maintenance phase for 3 weeks and then may or may not start back up on the spray and drops. I guess it all depends on what our awesome friends at the clinic tell us to do! I will keep you posted on the wellness journey as needed when change occurs again. Hoping we can continue to maintain the weight for the next 3 weeks and I can come back with a great success story for you! 🙂


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