{Wellness Journey} Losing Weight with the Bouari Clinic – Week 1

SuperDad and I have been trying to find “just the right” wellness journey for a few weeks now. We both have a few extra pounds we can stand to lose and know that we will be more motivated to follow through with a diet plan if we travel the journey together. We can hold each other accountable and even make a little bit of competition out of it! Healthy competition of course, but competition nonetheless. Therefore, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review a weight loss protocol through Bouari Clinic in return for weekly blog posts about our progression. Since I am now being held accountable by SuperDad, the clinic, and my readers perhaps I can do this!

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About the Bouari Weight Loss Protocol

The Bouari Weight Loss Protocol includes an Advantage Spray and Sublingual B-12 drops. The oral spray triggers your brain into releasing around 2,000 calories of fat off your body. It stimulates healthy weight loss through hormonal balance. The Advantage Spray is FDA registered and prepared at an FDA approved {OTC}/Pharmaceutical facility.

After binging for 3 days {to keep your brain from going into starvation mode}, you begin a 600-800 calorie diet. The food list provides all organic, holistic foods without artificial sweetners and preservatives. Plus, you must drink plenty of water and there is no required exercise.

Our Week 1 Journey

Now, of course I realize that if you are eating 600-800 calories you are most likely going to lose weight. The difference is that I am not hungry. In fact, on Wednesday morning I struggled to eat half of an orange for breakfast. We were advised not to fixate on the calorie counts, so we really just go by our sample meal plans. The protocol calls for 4-6 small meals a day {3 main meals with snacks in between} so there is plenty of opportunity to eat. My biggest struggle is simply the water consumption. I am not big at drinking ANYTHING… let alone tasteless water. We were told we must consume 1/2 ounce of water per day per body pound. That is a lot for me but I am getting better. SuperDad is drinking 5-7 bottles of water a day so he is doing much better with that part than I.

As a result of the spray, drops, and low-calorie diet, SuperDad and I have both already seen some weight loss within the 1st week:

SuperDad – Goal: 55-70 lbs – Loss thus far: 13 lbs

SuperDad Week 1

Me – Goal: 20-25 lbs {still holding onto baby fat} –  Loss thus far: 7 lbs

Week 1

I will update again next week and let you know how things are progressing!


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