man putting a 3D necklace with picture inside it onto a woman wearing a white dress

Lockets are enduring items of jewelry. They enable you to always keep significant mementos close at hand. You wear it around your neck to keep your heart near to anything you desire. 

Lockets can be more meaningful because they feature a chamber where you can store items of sentimental worth, even though jewelry is frequently a symbol of love, friendship, or lifelong commitment.

You can keep almost anything in your pendant or get it engraved with something to remember your happy moments with your loved ones.

necklace with picture inside it is the best choice when talking about customized pendants. 

Not just that, you can also get your pendants customized with different quotes, messages, symbols, birthstones, any particular piece of clothing, fingerprint, dried flowers or leaves from any memorable day or event, photos of you with your loved ones, pictures of your pet or even ashes of someone close to your heart. 

woman touching heart pendant necklace around her neck

The most popular way that people wear lockets is to preserve images and portraits of their loved ones close at hand. Hide a picture of your loved ones inside to keep them close, such as your kids, parents, siblings, and family. 

The purpose of the jewelry slightly changed as locket history progressed and pieces gained into vogue. A pendant can contain almost anything; hence its function and meaning depend on the person wearing it.

Ways to personalize your necklace

Below are some ways through which you can personalize your necklace:

  • Get a note from someone special embedded in your necklace.
  • Put the lace or the cloth of your wedding dress inside the pendant as a reminder of your special day.
  • Get the pendant engraved with the handprints of your child.
  • Get a motivational message engraved.
  • Get the initials of the special someone engraved on your pendant.
  • Get your child’s artwork engraved in your pendant to motivate them and show them your pride.
  • Get the artwork on photographs from your favorite artist engraved.
  • Get the goals that you want to achieve engraved.
  • Get the picture of your dream destination engraved in the pendant.
  • Get the picture of your furry engraved in the pendant.
  • Get any meaningful date engraved in your pendant.
  • If you have favorite quotes that motivate you, get them engraved in the pendant.
  • Get a line from your favorite movie/song engraved
  • Get the pictures of your loved ones like siblings, partners, parents, children, or other family or friends engraved in the pendant. 

Be imaginative while styling different locket styles. Layer personalized necklaces of varying lengths or combine metals with adding something special to your style. 

If you are wearing a locket necklace, pay attention to the neckline of your clothing because certain necklines compliment different-length necklaces better. 

These customized pendants carry emotional value and go well with the trend. So why wait? Get your customized pendant and flaunt yourself while wearing it around your neck.

Be creative, be bold, listen to your heart, and get something very close to your heart engraved in your pendant. This will always keep you closer to your loved one, dreams, or goals.