8 Heartfelt Ways To Honor The Memory Of Your Deceased Loved One

8 Heartfelt Ways To Honor The Memory Of Your Deceased Loved One

Death has a way of taking people we love so suddenly that coping with the loss could be a challenging process.

Even when the death is not sudden, the loss can bring unbearable pain and heartache that, at times, you don’t know when you’ll be able to move on. 

Such is the natural response to losing someone significant in your life. Feeling a variety of emotions such as sadness and loneliness are all part of grieving; one way of grieving is to honor the memory of the person you loved so dearly. 

Honoring the dead after they pass can be a therapeutic process, one that can give you closure as you continue forward in life.

8 Heartfelt Ways To Honor The Memory Of Your Deceased Loved One

Here are some heartfelt ways you can honor the memory of your deceased loved one:

  1. Create A Grave Monument

Grave monuments are also known as grave markers or tombstones. The final resting place of your loved one should be marked by a memorial stone that encapsulates their life in meaningful words or phrases.

A customized grave monument made of ornate and elegant marble can summarize a life well-lived and remember the dead in a proud and dignified way, just like the personalized grave monuments found at olympiamarble.com.au .

  1. Frame Something They Made

Maybe your dearly departed loved to write poetry, was a great cook, did crafting, or was a visual artist. They might have something of theirs that they haven’t shown to many people that you can frame, like a drawing, a recipe, photograph, or craft project.

This would be the best time to sort through their belongings and look for mementos that you can immortalize.

Going through their things may appear to be difficult initially, but many have noted that the task helped them with their grief, and finding an essential item that would help honor them is a giant hurdle that lifted such weight off their chests. 

  1. Light A Candle On Their Death Anniversary

Lighting a candle is a practice many Catholics do for their loved ones who passed. It’s a tradition that dates back to the ancient Romans that symbolizes the candle as an extension of prayer and how the light will illuminate the path that’s currently dark with their passing.

And it’s also believed to alleviate a soul’s suffering once they’re in the purgatory for purification. Remembering and honoring them on the anniversary of their death is believed to ease their travel to the next world. 

  1. Complete What They Can’t

When the loved one who died is a younger sibling or a friend who left behind some tasks and responsibilities, one way of honoring them is to complete what they have unceremoniously left behind. 

Maybe it’s a project with a nonprofit organization or a promise to a friend like a travel getaway, or perhaps a truce with a friendly nemesis.

Whatever it is, their soul will rest in peace, knowing that someone will help them accomplish what they left behind, and it would be a great way of honoring their memory. 

  1. Compose A Song

If you have a way with words, it would be the most incredible honor to create unforgettable words and melodic music to honor a dearly departed.

Some would say it would be difficult, but others have felt the words flowed out so naturally and so fast. And for many, the pursuit was cathartic. 

  1. Plant A Tree

No other way of honoring the dead can give substantial benefits than planting a tree. It’s a beautiful way of continuing the spirit of a lost loved one.

A tree is a living heritage that will grow stronger year after year. It would have even more meaning if the loved one who passed were an environmental advocate. 

  1. Hold A Memorial Service

Celebrating a life well-lived through a memorial service is an excellent way of honoring the memory of your deceased loved one. You may gather friends and family, ask them to prepare a eulogy to remember the person in their glory, and commemorate their kindness and generosity.

Pretty sure that wherever that person is, when they hear the words of celebration, they will feel elated and thankful. 

  1.  Get Inked

You will always have a piece of them with you wherever you are if you get tattooed with a memory of your dearly departed. It could be a phrase they always say, a quote they live by, or a portrait of them. The pain of getting inked is also a way of releasing emotions that you have been trying to suppress. 


Honoring your deceased loved one will be a glorious way of commemorating the life they lived and all the goodness they showered on people. It allows you to celebrate their life and their story in a meaningful way.