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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chobani. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you often struggle with getting your kids to eat Greek Yogurt? I love it! Chobani Simply 100® Key Lime is my favorite breakfast treat. I may have found a solution though! Chobani Kids® Pouches are not only delicious, but they are made for our busy lifestyles.

More importantly, Chobani Kids® and Chobani Tots® contain real fruits and vegetables, nothing artificial and are all natural ingredients. It’s truly a win for each of us.

4 Ways to Eat Greek Yogurt Your Kids Will Love

Ways to Eat Greek Yogurt

Of course, I did agree to ease them into the creamy goodness of Chobani Kids Savings. Thankfully, a quick search yielded countless ways to eat Greek yogurt that even the kids will love.

Not to mention, they are super easy and still perfect for that busy, on-the-go lifestyle many of us live out during the school year.​

4 Ways to Eat Greek Yogurt Your Kids Will Love

Yogurt Pouches

Chobani Kids® Pouches come in three flavorful varieties: Strawberry, Grape, and Vanilla & Chocolate Dust, AND feature Spider-Man and Doc McStuffins packaging. Therefore, they taste delicious and are fun to look at and hold.

Plus, the twist-off lid makes it easy for kids to open them all by themselves. This means they are delicious straight from the pouch so kids will love them!

Frozen Push-Up

This is perhaps my girls favorite way to eat the Chobani Kids® Pouches. We simply toss a few of the pouches into the freezer and wait.

Once they are frozen, we carefully snip off the top of the pouch and gently push up the frozen yogurt through the opening. Frozen Push-Up done.

4 Ways to Eat Greek Yogurt Your Kids Will Love

Fruit Smoothies

Our 11 year old daughter loves to make smoothies. She uses fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, almond milk and ice. Everything goes into the blender and a refreshingly blended fruit smoothie is ready to drink in minutes!

Perfect for bringing along on morning commutes.

Yogurt Dip

Two or three ingredients and you have all you need to create a tasty yogurt dip. Take some heavy whipping cream and beat until soft peaks form.

Next, add your favorite Greek Yogurt flavor and stir by hand until creamy. Place a few fresh fruits next to the dish and the kids are set for snack time.

So good!

Getting the kids to eat Greek yogurt can be easy with these yummy ideas.

What way do you think your kids will most enjoy Chobani Kids® Pouches?

4 Ways to Eat Greek Yogurt Your Kids Will Love