elderly man slip and fall in house

4 Ways to Create a Safer Home for Seniors

In the United States, almost six seniors are taken to the emergency room every minute as a result of injuries suffered during a fall, which cause them to require medical attention.

Despite the fact that frequent falling may seem like something that just happens as we age, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Even though there is no guarantee that you will be able to eliminate the possibility of all falls for seniors, there are several measures that you can take around the home to reduce the chances of falling.

Over 90% of seniors claim that they would prefer to age in place in the comfort of their own homes. Family members and support workers need to be proactive in making sure that a senior’s home is a safe place for them to be so they can remain independent.

In an emergency situation, it is important to make sure that seniors have the help they need in order to survive. If you would like to learn more about personal emergency alarm systems for seniors, you can read the following guide.

bathroom with grab bar and shower seat

Eliminate Fall Hazards

It is common for our mobility and balance to become an issue as we age. This means that even the smallest trip hazard can turn dangerous. Most trip and fall accidents happen in the bathroom, kitchen, and out on the property landscaping.

To eliminate the risks, you can start by:


  • Seams that connect the kitchen to other rooms need to be secured so they don’t lift and create a hazard. 
  • Pots and pans should be stored at chest level to prevent seniors from reaching or bending.
  • A non-slip bath mat in front of the sink can eliminate the risk of water splashing on the floor and creating a slip hazard.


  • Non-slip bath mat
  • The installation of a non-slip seat in the tub can make it easier for seniors to get in and out of the tub with ease
  • Grip bars in the shower and beside the toilet make it easier for seniors to navigate the bathroom.
  • The shower should be a walk-in shower with no barriers at all.

Outdoor Landscaping

  • Repair uneven walkways 
  • It is important to secure all railings on the property
  • On patios, make sure that all loose boards are secured

Furniture Arrangement

It might be necessary to rearrange some furniture in order to create a safe environment for seniors. The idea is to provide clear pathways between rooms so that seniors can easily navigate without having to make too many turns as they navigate between them.

If you wish to create more movable space in your living room, you can place large furniture against the walls such as couches and chairs. 

It is not uncommon for seniors to have difficulty getting into and out of bed or getting comfortable enough to fall asleep. The use of an adjustable bed can make it easier for you to get up and down from bed, and it can allow you to adjust your sleeping position as well.

Emergency Contacts

In a senior’s home, it is a good idea to maintain a list of all the emergency contacts in a safe and visible place. You can put a list on the fridge or by the front door of the building so that both the resident and any emergency personnel will have easy access to it.

It is a good idea for seniors to keep an emergency contact number in their wallets or purses as a backup.

In order to give seniors and their families some peace of mind, they should invest in a personal emergency alarm. When an alarm detects a fall or accident, it will automatically contact emergency services if it detects that a fall has taken place. It is generally worn around the neck or wrist. 

Smart Home Features

The innovative technology of smart home devices can help create a safe home environment for seniors. Smart features can be programmed to control the thermostat, turn lights off and on, and control a security system through a simple app on a smartphone.

Taking care of our seniors is one of our most important responsibilities, and making sure that they live in safe homes should be one of our top priorities.

Follow these tips to help make your home or the home of a beloved senior family member a safe place for them to live their retirement years.