Dreft Active for growing babies
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After 5 babies, you would think this whole parenting thing would be a breeze, right? In fact, our oldest is out of the house, in her last year of college… and married! What? Wait? When did this all happen? It goes so fast. When people talk about babies now all I can think about is GRANDKIDS! How am I even old enough for those? But, in reality, I could quite easily be holding my first grandchild within the next 5 years or so.

ways to prepare for baby's arrival

Prepare For Baby’s Arrival

With that being said “out loud,” it’s truly time for me to start preparing my heart, mind, and home for the idea. Sure, it may be a little while, but, as with everything else, I feel like I have decent knowledge to pass on to my daughters on the subject. Although times may have changed since I first gave birth almost 21 years ago, even to when I birthed my last 6 years ago, some things still remain the same. Here are 4 ways to prepare for baby’s arrival that I plan to pass down to my children and they prepare to become parents one day:

Prep the Essentials

As your labor day draws near, perhaps a close family member of friend will host a baby shower for you. When you register, think in practical terms first. The two most important items you will need (next to bottles if using them) are diapers and wipes. It’s incredibly handy to keep a nice supply ready and waiting, especially in the beginning. Don’t worry if you get too many of one size or not enough of another, we found stores had no problem letting us exchange sizes. In addition to these essentials, baby toiletries, layette, blankets, nasal syringe, and nail clippers are also good to start your parenting journey with.

wash baby's clothes in Dreft

Do Laundry

Speaking of the layette, every piece of fabric your babies’ delicate skin will come in contact with needs to be laundered. Wash, dry and organize all of your baby’s essentials before use. The #1 baby laundry detergent choice of pediatricians, as well as the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for baby clothes, is Dreft. Although gentle and hypoallergenic on baby’s sensitive skin, Dreft Newborn and Active Baby detergents are still tough on stains. Not to mention, the baby fresh scent will forever bring back memories of your precious infant for years and years to come.

Stock the Kitchen

Once your baby arrives, it will be all about taking care of your precious little one — and getting sleep as often as you can! You are not going to have the energy to run to the grocery store or cook a hot meal every night. Therefore, make sure your pantry and fridge are stocked as well as they can be. Prep ahead of time with freezer meals, or at the very least have a menu plan in order. Accept help as it is offered. If family and friends want to set up a meal train for you, work with them to make it happen. Those first few days, weeks, months are invaluable. Spend it with your baby.

Dreft Active for growing babies

Pack Your Bag

With only a few days week, it’s time to pack your labor bag. If you have a birth plan, make sure everyone involved understands it. Grab the things you need to make you comfortable during the labor process: music, fragrances, whatever helps you relax and stay calm. Don’t forget about the things your baby will need! Those freshly Dreft laundered clothes and blankets should be smelling wonderfully fresh and ready for baby by now.  Pick out baby’s coming home outfit and don’t forget your camera! You won’t want to miss a minute as you begin this incredible journey.

preparing for baby's arrival

Parenting can be one of the most challenging and rewarding things you have ever done. You will discover quickly that it can be messy. But, those messy and imperfect moments are often the most memorable and, thanks to Dreft, can help you embrace the mess of #Amazinghood.

Dreft Loads of Love baby shower

Sean and Catherine Lowe

Dreft is partnering with reality TV couple Sean and Catherine Lowe — from “The Bachelor” — to celebrate their new role as expectant parents and share their beautiful, messy journey of “amazinghood.” The couple kicked off the partnership with their Dreft “Loads of Love” baby shower (on April 27th) where the couple was showered with all the love, support and essentials needed to prepare them for the arrival of their precious new baby.


When the Lowes were asked about their baby must-haves, Dreft Newborn detergent was on the list. They said their parents used it, their friends recommended it, and the amazing smell of freshly washed baby clothes has them even more excited for the arrival of their baby. I can’t blame them! Follow their journey through #Amazinghood by following Dreft on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They will continue to share exclusive content and messy memories as they begin this next chapter of their marriage.

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