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5 Ways Bicycle Accident Attorneys Help Victims Build a Strong Case

Cycling in New York’s boroughs is common, with more than 170 miles of bike lanes, paths, and greenways in the Bronx.

Accidents are inevitable unless you constantly use car-free bike paths like the one connecting Pelham Bay Park and Van Cortlandt Park. Bicycle vehicle collisions still occur despite government efforts to protect bike riders by dedicating a bicycle lane.

You deserve compensation for physical harm and economic loss if you are a victim of a bicycle accident that wasn’t your fault. The burden of proof lies squarely on your shoulders, and proving liability requires a strong case.

This is where experienced and reliable lawyers from a top law firm, such as, can help you understand the importance of bicycle accident attorneys in strengthening your case to receive maximum compensation.

Bicycle Accident Attorneys

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1. Evidence Collection

Evidence is the backbone of a strong personal injury lawsuit because you cannot prove the other party is liable for your injuries without it.

The first thing you should do after surviving is collect evidence, but this is not always possible because you may be severely hurt. It would help if someone else, preferably a lawyer, did the job for you.

A bicycle accident lawyer will do all the legwork while you focus on recovery. They can revisit the crash site, take pictures, and interview witnesses. Additionally, they can easily access police reports which contribute to finding liability.

Lawyers know and will only collect the kind of evidence admissible in court to strengthen your case.

2. Establish Fault

Liability is not always apparent in bicycle-vehicle cases or crashes involving multiple car collisions and bicyclists. You don’t want to sue the wrong party and get your damage compensation claim prematurely dismissed.

A bicycle accident lawyer can strengthen your case by establishing liability.

The primary way of doing it is by thoroughly evaluating the available information and evidence, like photos and videos from the crash site.

Law firms may hire accident reconstruction specialists to recreate the accident, which further aids in establishing liability and absolving you of the blame.

Proving liability shows that you aren’t responsible for your injuries, the primary qualification for receiving compensatory damages from the at-fault party or their insurers.

3. Spoliation

Spoliation is the alteration or elimination of evidence because a party failed to protect it. When liable parties think you have incriminating evidence against them, they can employ underhanded tricks to ensure the evidence is not usable or helpful to the ongoing litigation against them.

You need to keep the evidence safe at all costs to guarantee the strength of your case; bicycle accident lawyers can help you do this.

First, they will produce several copies of legal documents and ensure they are filed in different locations in case one copy gets compromised.

Second, they are professional enough to detect and report signs of destruction to the presiding judge or jury. Destroying physical or electronic evidence attracts severe sanctions, including hefty fines or dismissal of the defendant’s plea. This strengthens your case.

4. Serve Subpoenas

The difference between a strong and weak case can be a missing document or a witness unwilling to testify during the trial.

Other times, the crucial evidence, like the dashcam footage and insurance policy maximums, may be in the hands of the defendants. Accessing such information is a tall order unless a bicycle accident attorney comes to your aid.

A lawyer can get the courts to issue orders known as subpoenas to compel the witness to appear in court or the defendants to produce the needed evidence in their possession.

You can then utilize the surrendered documents to build a watertight case against the at-fault party seeking reparations for injuries suffered during the bicycle accident.

5. Keep Insurance Adjusters in Their Corner

Insurance companies can go to any lengths to discredit your evidence, exploiting the chance to offer a lowball settlement or deny the claim altogether. They use tricks, including asking for an oral or written statement to use whatever you say against you.

To build a strong case, your lawyer will handle most communication and negotiations to avoid missteps.

Final Word

Bicycle accident lawyers are the strength of your personal accident compensation claim. They can gather solid evidence, establish liability, identify spoliation, and exercise the powers of the attorney to get key witnesses to testify in court.

A strong case is a sole guarantee for compensation.