My Wonderful Walls

Our girls have been begging us to paint their room. The problem? We rent. Our new landlord that took over recently is anything but forgiving. Therefore, we have been pretty limited as far as what we could do about their walls. That is why I was thrilled to discover My Wonderful Walls.

My Wonderful Walls

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Removable Wall Stickers

Since painting is not an option, we found a great solution: removable wall stickers for kid’s rooms. Wall stickers, or decals, are perfect in our situation. They offer a solution to not being able to paint, yet wanting to spruce up bare walls. And My Wonderful Walls has a large selection for both boys and girls. Picking a theme for our girls room was not easy simply because we loved them all. We decided to go with a “neutral theme” for them since the two that share are quite different in their styles. We picked the garden wall stickers. But, after getting the stickers we did some rearranging and set up a playroom for the girls. The theme we picked was going to work perfectly. Let me show you the bare walls we were beginning with.

before removable wall stickers

Pay no attention to the piles of toys. We obviously had to push stuff around to get to the wall we wanted to decorate. We laid out all the stickers and discussed a plan before we began applying the flower stickers for walls.

wall stickers

Since the tree was our biggest focal point we began with it. Plus, it took both my husband and myself to apply, and would take up the most room, so that is where we started. Once we carefully got the tree up, the rest was easy enough for the girls to help with.

removable wall stickers

The girls most of the mural with the help of my hubby. Monkey loved the various animals (mouse, frog, and snail) and enjoyed being able to apply them. Since they were ground level anyways it only made sense. The girls were in charge of the sky: clouds, butterflies, bees, and a dragonfly… as well as the remaining birds and flowers. Monkey did insist on placing the sun though and the girls worked around her placement.  I was in charge of the tree: the leaves, flowers, birdhouse, and largest bird. This bird was my favorite sticker of all I do believe.

bird wall sticker

After the girls were done, I went back and positioned a few of the stickers (of course) without problems. They stuck to our moderately textured walls without any issues and were simple to take off and move. Plus, I love that they are made from SafeCling™ and are incredibly durable. They did not look like stickers at all. In fact, they look like fabric pieces as I applied them to the wall. Plus, the colors were fabulously vibrant and the shadows added depth and a feeling of realism. Per the My Wonderful Walls site, they “boast a natural/organic look as if each were made from beautiful handmade paper.” And they really do! Just look at the detail!

handmade paper sticker

All in all we were quite pleased. I decided to add the last piece of the mural to the wall outside the playroom. Their garden sign makes a perfect welcome into their playroom. My dad stopped by to see it and thought we had actually painted it on the wall. And the sign comes personalized but I chose a word that would signify all the girls: LOVE. I they do love their new playroom.

wall decals


Oh… and I guess I should show you the end result:

removable wall mural



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