Walk Down Memory Lane with 80s Toys

I love retro and vintage things… clothes, furniture, decor, toys and more. Seeing items that I grew up with takes me back to another place in time where things seemed a bit “simpler.” Well, in a way at least. I was a kid of the 80s which meant big hair, neon colors, lots of blue eye shadow, crazy dance moves and big baggy pants. Therefore, I enjoy happening upon a fun memory as I am perusing Pinterest. Finding those treasures from my childhood always either make me smile or make me cringe. So, in honor of the 80’s, let’s take a walk down memory lane with some toys I grew up.

Walk Down Memory Lane with 80’s Toys

Our version of the iPad?

I cannot remember what this was called but I vividly remember having it! Anyone know?

This is how we stayed occupied. This would be in an app form today.

Fisher Price does not make them like this anymore. My kids have the FP Barn and it is super, heavy-duty plastic.

Oh yeah… I spent HOURS “drawing” with this thing. What was the fascination again? Craziness!

The 80’s version of Fisher Price’s Little People. I had a blast with these guys! That dog was one of my favorites.

Anyone else remember any of these? What is your favorite toy of the 80s?

They take me back to another time and another place. I love it!