VTech CareLine
Disclosure: For the safety of my parents, VTech sent me the VTechCareLine to share with them and record our thoughts. All opinions and experiences are 100% ours.

It should be no secret that if I just turned 40 this past weekend, well, my parents must have at least a few years on me. And they are just as independent as I have always known them to be. Probably more as empty-nesters. As I type they are on their way to Canada and back on a week long road trip. No slowing them down.

VTech CareLine

VTech CareLine

This is why I probably worry about them more. I mean, they’re my parents. They love their independence but I need to know they are safe in their home. More than once my mom has needed help and could not get to a phone. That was years ago and now we have a solution: VTech CareLine. It offers them the independence they desire and me the feeling of safety I need. A win for all of us.

VTech CareLine handheld

Plus, VTech’s SN6197 features are ideal for my parents:

  • Portable Safety Pendant – Worn around the neck or clipped to a waistband, the Pendant is set up with a speed-dial button. One quick push in an emergency situation and help will be a button away. Program up to 2 phone numbers to call for help to connect directly with 9-1-1, family or a friend. Not to mention, there are no monthly fees that accompany the safety pendant! VTech CareLine Portable Safety Pendant
  • Photo Dial – Easily program 4 frequent numbers into the phone and add a photo for quick recognition during dialing. No forgetting which number goes to which person.
  • Big Buttons – Aging eyes (from my own experience as well) will appreciate larger buttons and displays. No squinting to see what numbers to dial.
  • Voice Announce® Caller ID – Devices announce the names of callers so that you always know who is calling.
  • Voice Amplification – Increase the volume of incoming sound by up to 40 decibels so conversations are easier to hear and understand. This is perhaps the best feature for my dad!

In celebration of Grandparent’s Month, perhaps your parents/grandparents could use the VTech CareLine SN6197. After all, your parents were a wealth of knowledge to you as you were growing up, why not turn the tables. Share with them!

Grandparents Day 2014

I think the best thing my parents taught me was to stand for what was right… and do what makes me happy. So far, it has got me through several tough situations. I hope I am able to continually pass on the wisdom I learned to my own children.

What features of VTech CareLine do you like most?

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