Voicing Dottie from Disney Planes

Disclosure: I was provided with a trip to Los Angeles for a Disney Planes pre-screening event in return for my honest review. All expenses were paid by Disney and no other compensation given.

I love learning about the behind-the-scenes aspect of working on Disney movies. I have begun to fall more in love with the entire animation process each time I learn more about how it works. For the actors, the fun is in voicing the characters. And voicing Dottie from Disney Planes is not as easy as Teri Hatcher may make it seem.


Voicing Dottie

I am not one for being the center of attention. Not at all. I like the behind-the-scenes parts in everything. Therefore, getting in front of others and trying to knock this scene out of the park is hard to do. Alone in the recording room with one other person, while the rest of my group waited in the room on the other side of the window… along with Sound Engineer, George Thompson, and Casting Director, Jason Henkel.

No pressure, right?

Yeah, well. Not for me. Everything has to be intense and harder than it should be. After all, we are our own toughest critics right?!

Voicing Dottie Planes

This is my in-studio recording. Not bad, I guess. It only took 2 takes. Just remembering that I was the “3rd beep” confused me the first time. I understood better the second time.

Beep… beep…

Ugh. Can you tell I was relieved to get trough that without much pain? I am glad it went smoother than I thought it would. I was a bit pleased with the finished product (although still a little off):

See? How fun! But it definitely puts the work the actors do into perspective. There is more to voicing animated characters that just reading a few lines through. I appreciate their craft and am so glad it’s them behind the voice and not me. I am sure you will be too once you hear the REAL Dottie in the movie next month!

Which character would you most want to voice?

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