UPS Pin It to Win It
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with UPS and the Social Media Chicks. All opinions are my own.

Nowadays, my family knows that UPS brings magic, fun, and excitement from all over the United States. Our friends far and wide send gifts and more and they show up with just a knock at the door. It is quite easy to see that UPS does not just deliver boxes – they deliver emotional connections… especially during the holidays.

UPS delivers more than boxes

UPS Delivers More than Boxes

Remember the days of old when we made Christmas wish lists full of gift ideas and mailed them to Santa? Now, my kids each have Amazon wish lists that I can easily send to each of my family members… as well as Santa Claus. Then we simply wait for UPS to take over with the rests of the details.

A brown truck pulls up in front of the house, a knock at the door, and then the magic begins. Once the boxes are opened, the smiles are wide and the memories are made. A simple brown box can hold the contents of making a dream come true, the elements of a new beginning, or the intense pleasure of enjoying the newest toy. The boxes are delivered plain but open up a world of possibilities.

UPS Pin It to Win It

Pin It to Win It Contest

Another way we can share our holiday wish lists using modern technology is through Pinterest. Knowing this, UPS has created its Pin It to Win It Contest. As long as you are on Pinterest and have the desire to win… you have a chance!

Here is how you can enter:

  1. Create a Pinterest board with the name “UPS Delivers Holiday Gifts.”
  2. Fill your board with all of your favorite holiday gift ideas. Be sure to include #NotABox and #UPSHappy in the description for each pin.
  3. Finalize your entry by emailing your board link to [email protected]

Prizes –

Judging criteria is based on originality (50%) as well as the creativity (50%) of the items pinned to the board. The contest begins today, December 2nd and runs through December 16, 2013.

What are your favorite holiday gift ideas?

Make sure to pin them to win! You can read the official contest rules to learn more.