Looking for a Universal Gift Idea? Why Not Try Flowers?

Picking a gift can be extremely difficult at times because there’s just so much choice to think about.

Whether you’re picking out something for your significant other or a work acquaintance, it’s nice to put a bit of thought into the present because it really shows when you finally give it to your recipient.

But where exactly do you start with giving a gift ? Should you just ask them what they want? Or are there some gifts that work every time?

If you’re looking for a universal gift, then why not try flowers? Flowers are a surprisingly good gift option because they’re applicable on so many different occasions and they can stay around for a long time in many different forms.

Looking for a Universal Gift Idea? Why Not Try Flowers?

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at why flowers make such a good gift and why they’re an acceptable go-to choice when you’re out of ideas.

Flowers can last a surprisingly long time

As long as they’re taken care of properly, flowers can last a very long time. Most cut flowers will last up to two weeks if they’re taken care of properly, but you can actually make them last a bit longer if you’re willing to put in a bit of work or help your recipient.

For example, if you prepare a vase for your recipient as well, then you can actually keep them for slightly longer and also turn them into a beautiful display.

If your recipient wants to put in a bit of work to keep the flowers for longer, then tell them to trim the stems every couple of days to keep them fresh. You should only trim around an inch each time to prevent them from getting too short and you may need to transfer them to a different vase in the future.

Changing the water every couple of days can also help, and you’ll want to try and avoid keeping them in direct sunlight when possible.

However, if you want your flowers to last even longer, then there’s another option; buying preserved flowers! This is a great choice for keeping roses and other scented flowers much longer.

Preserved flowers are usually a bit more expensive than fresh ones, but they’re more economical in the long run because you don’t need to replace them in two weeks.

They also manage to retain their scent, making them a great way to brighten up the atmosphere in a room.

Flowers are a convenient gift to purchase

One of the great things about buying flowers as a gift is that they’re so accessible. No matter where you are, there’s a good chance that you can just buy flowers online or on your way to see your recipient. The florist will even package them up nicely for you if you tell them that it’s a gift.

But if you don’t have a local florist or want to pick out a specific kind of flower, then you can always get flowers delivered by Fig & Bloom and other online services.

Some services even let you send flowers internationally which is perfect as a gift for overseas friends and family members.

So if you’re tired of waiting a long time for a present to arrive, why not consider flowers? They’re much more accessible than specific gifts and this also makes them perfect as a last-minute gift to add on to something else or to go with a card.

florist making beautiful floral bouquet

Flowers are great for any budget

Flowers are surprisingly inexpensive, especially if you get them from a local florist that knows their stuff or if you buy them online.

However, flowers can also be a very expensive gift if you’re willing to spend a little more. There are some stores that will sell massive bouquets of hundreds of different flowers.

This is a fantastic option if you want something more extravagant for your recipient, but it’s also a good way to add lots of different flowers if you know that they have their favorites.

You can even bundle your flowers with something special such as a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, or even a gift card to a store that your recipient likes. This makes flowers a perfect gift to pair with other things.

Many stores actually sell flowers bundled with small gifts like this so you don’t even need to go through the effort of choosing chocolates or a bottle of wine to go with it.

This can raise the price a bit, but it’s a fantastic option for people that are looking to add a little something extra to their flowers.

Flowers can be used to communicate emotions

Flowers can be a surprisingly powerful gift in an emotional sense. Whether you’re trying to communicate love, joy or appreciation, the type of flowers that you pick can actually make a huge difference.

This is often known as flower symbolism and takes a bit of research, but there are loads of great options to pick from. For example, white lilies usually symbolize purity whereas purple hyacinths show sorrow.

This does mean that you’re going to need to put a bit more research into picking the right flowers so that you don’t give off the wrong message. This shouldn’t take long but it does limit the types of flowers that you can buy for your recipient.


Alternatively, you could just be ignorant of the deeper meaning of flowers and instead, use color psychology to help you pick the best flowers. Red flowers can seem very passionate and fiery, while green shades are more tranquil and relaxed.

Color psychology affects us all and can be a much easier way to communicate your emotions rather than picking specific flowers for their meanings.

We all know that picking a gift can be difficult, but flowers can make it easy while still being personalized and meaningful.

So if you’re ever stuck on ideas and want to give a great gift to someone special, then why not choose some flowers and give a bouquet?