Unique Ideas To Plan a Memorable Anniversary For Your Best Friend

Whether you’re planning to celebrate a 20-year anniversary party or the first one, organizing an anniversary party for your best friend is a heart-warming way to honor your friendship. 

Throwing an anniversary party requires lots of planning and effort, especially if it is for your dear best friend. Plus, you don’t want to do a half-hearted job.

Yes, it is a big responsibility, but if you think about it, planning parties are exciting. So let the excitement begin with a checklist to help you organize the best party ever. 

Unique Ideas To Plan a Memorable Anniversary For Your Best Friend
  1. Fix Date and Time

First things first, get that calendar out. This is something that you must do even before you think of the perfect anniversary gift for a friend

If your intentions are to throw a party for your best friend, you need to check their availability in terms of their work schedule. Plus, their significant others too. It would be silly to start planning without fixing a date. 

Another helpful tip is to try and do it on a weekend, close to their anniversary day. You should also think about the convenience of the people you are inviting. Remember, it’s not a surprise party. You can discuss it with them to make sure everyone’s happy with the date.

Next, you must think about the time as well. Would the beautiful couple love a lunch set up outdoors, where friends and family can socialize for the entire day? Or would they rather want a formal party in the evening? 

As a party organizer, your job is to make it breezy for the hosts. Setting a prospective date and time will also help you to plan the entire party a lot better.

  1. Set a Location

The location depends on the type of party you want to organize. If your intentions are to host a small cozy party, you can host it at a restaurant, or the couple’s house. 

On the other hand, if you prefer it to be an outdoor activity, you can also do so by booking a picnic location with a view. Reserving a private room at their favorite restaurant is also a great idea. 

How about an adventurous day for your best friend that includes all sorts of activities to have the wildest time of their life? You could invite your other friends as well.

There are many outdoor options to enjoy a long day full of exciting activities, including field day games for adults, hiking, and so much more. It totally sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

However, for larger parties, you may have to put in some extra effort. Renting a venue is an ideal option. You could also do it at their home if they are able to accommodate a large number of guests. 

House parties are always the best when it comes to celebrating intimate dates with friends and family.  If that is not an option, you could look into country clubs, hotel ballrooms, or galleries, which may turn out to be more pricey, but hey, it’s your best friend’s anniversary. 

  1. Select a Theme

Themed parties are always more fun. The theme should be based on something that reflects the couple. 

For formal parties, it is usually a color theme for all the decorations and arrangements to look picture-perfect. However, small casual parties don’t have to be themed by color. 

For example, you could pick the themes from their first dates, or something that is meaningful to them. If it is a 10 years anniversary, you could also recreate the couple’s wedding.

Decorations for an anniversary party can be done best if it is based on a certain theme. The theme could be based on a color or something unique about the couple’s history. 

  1. Party Invitations

After getting your guest list finalized, you need to look into party invitation designs. It’s ideal to send invitations out at least three to four weeks prior to the actual event. 

Invitations no longer have to be sent physically, you can send virtual invitations too. But make sure that it consists of every detail that a standard invitation card includes.

 The procedure for designing invitations has been simplified thanks to BeFunky’s, where you can use templates and eye-catching layouts to make them to your liking.

When you send the invitation out, it’s important to have a list of RSVPs, so that you know how many people will actually attend the party. The food and drinks will also have to be arranged accordingly, depending on the number of guests.  

If you want all the guests to dress a certain way for the event, you must mention it on the invitation.

Remember, invitations let your guests know what to expect, and how to dress at your celebration. If it is a big milestone such as 10 or 20 years of their marriage, you must mention that too. 

  1. Food and Drinks

This is the most important thing you need to invest your time in when organizing an anniversary event for your best friend. 

Again, the type of food and drinks you will serve depends on the venue, and theme of the party. 

If it’s a casual get-together only for close friends and family, then you have many options. You could cook, book a catering service, get food from your favorite restaurants, or you could even keep it laid back by calling it a BBQ party.

Another cool idea is to get everyone involved to do a potluck. It’s always fun to fill the table with everyone’s special dishes. 

If it is a party for a large crowd, it’s best to outsource it from catering services, if your budget permits. It is not easy to arrange food when the guest list exceeds 30 people.

Don’t forget the cake, when you are making a budget for food and drinks. To make sure that all your guests are fed happily, you should provide options for vegetarians, and include things like non-alcoholic beverages too.

Party favors are gifts given as thanks to guests for attending your best friend’s anniversary party. Even after the event has ended, giving out party favors encourages your guests to remember your best friend’s special day. Consider the party’s theme and your budget when selecting party favors. You can hand out edible party favors like homemade treats. Personalized tote bags and mugs would also make beautiful and practical party favors.


When it comes to planning an event, we often feel that there’s plenty of time before the actual date. But trust us, it’s best to begin your party planning early. You can take care of all the details conveniently, and the decisions will also not be rushed. 

Planning a party, especially an anniversary for your best friend can often be overwhelming. And if you have other friends who you can count on, we advise you to take help to reduce your stress levels.

Now, plan away!