TruSense monitoring solution

TruSense Smart Home Monitoring Solution for Seniors

If you’ve been following along for a while, you should already know two things about me:

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  1. I love smart home devices that help make life easier
  2. I lost my mom 7 months ago to cancer.

And sometimes, these two worlds combine when it comes to how we are currently handling my dad–living on his own for the first time in over 43 years.

TruSense Smart Home Monitoring Solution for Seniors

TruSense Smart Home Monitoring Solution

TruSense combines wireless sensors, Amazon Echo Dot, and GPS Technology to track daily activities and health variables for seniors.

Now my dad will tell you he’s perfectly capable of handling everything on his own, and for the most part, he is. But what about that time when he isn’t?

He has some serious medical conditions that could flare up and leave him unable to get the help he needs if left alone for too long.

Using the TruSense app, you would be able to check on your loved one from anywhere with nothing more than your smartphone.

TruSense monitoring solution

TruSense is a smart home monitoring solution that can alert you when patterns in the home shift, track your loved ones’ vehicle, and even report how much time others spend in your loved one’s home.

TruSense products and features include:

  • Motion Sensor – track your loved one’s activity levels and compare them to their normal activity baseline to, over time, identify health trends that provide valuable insights; can also detect and alert you to extreme temperature changes in the home
  • Contact Sensor – detects if a door, window, or refrigerator has been left open too long; can also let you know whether your loved one is at home or away, when used in conjunction with motion sensors
  • Leak Detectors – can detect water leaks in the bathroom, kitchen, or basement to help save in costly repairs; can also be placed outside of a bathtub in the event the water is left running accidentally
  • GPS Tracking – customized alerts and the TruSense dashboard’s digital map can help to quickly locate your loved one in case of an emergency, helping them—and you—to maintain normal daily life; the GPS Smart Pendant also includes a “Call for Help” button for on-demand emergency assistance, as well as the ability for family members and other caregivers to receive instant status updates using their own Echo Dot from home
  • Amazon Echo Dot – provides a hands-free way to request help from the TruSense 24/7 Emergency Response Center; can also be used for everyday things like checking the weather, listening to music, and turning on a night light—all with a simple voice command

Pairing each of these sensors and devices through the TruSense Hub, you can easily set up the central hub for your smart home monitoring solution.

In addition to those listed above, TruSense also offers a GPS Vehicle Tracker, GPS SmartSole, and Smart Outlets.

They truly work to cover every area of need both in and out of your loved one’s home.

For example, did you know that dark or dim lighting is responsible for 90% of falls? TruSense has done their research to know this and, therefore, recommends using the Smart Outlet in bedrooms and bathrooms that are used throughout the night.

TruSense Smart Home Monitoring Solution products

Do you want to respect your loved one’s independence while having assurance that they are okay?

When we’re caring for aging parents, we may not think of every situation or scenario that can happen when we’re away from them.

Fortunately, TruSense has done the thinking for us and has made it easy to monitor everything through one central app.

Find out more about how the TruSense smart home monitoring solution is non-intrusive, yet can give you peace of mind when you can’t be there; while allowing your loved one to remain independent.