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Trendy Maternity Clothes

Sweet Pea MaternityWith all the many joys of pregnancy, finding trendy maternity clothes should not be a huge hassle. I mean, carrying a baby around for 40 weeks {give or take} is enough of a job and I believe pregnant moms deserve a break! I have had my fair shares of pregnancies and now that I have had to bid farewell to that chapter of my life, I get to experience the fun again through those around me. In fact, if you happen to be near our church, “don’t drink the water“… or do if you are hoping to catch the pregnancy bug! Finding a friend to take a look at Sweet Pea Maternity was not hard to do and I am glad I was able to let her do a little online shopping. The following is based on her review of the site and product she received.

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Casual Everyday Maternity Clothes

With such a large selection of casual everyday maternity clothes, including pants, shirts, tank tops and dresses, the hardest part of the online shopping experience was picking what she wanted!  A majority of the clothing was spring/summer fashion most likely due to the current season, but there were a few long sleeve items to choose from. The only downfall found on the website was that a lot of the items she liked did not have a full selections of sizes. For example, a shirt would only be available in small and large or the top selected was only available in medium. At least that made the selection process a little bit easier to manage.

everyday maternity clothes

Made to Fit

After perusing the site, she decided on a blue cream print maternity tank top. The tank top was a very comfortable material and fit very well. It was definitely designed with a pregnant women’s figure in mind. The shirt has plenty of material in the front to fit an ever-growing belly which is really nice. A lot of maternity shirts get either too tight or too short as the pregnancy progresses, so it is nice to be able to buy maternity clothes made to fit for the entire pregnancy. The tank does require an undershirt because the tan stripes are lacy and see-through. So, unless you are excited about showing off your belly you would need to wear something under it. My friend said she would have liked an under layer of material just to simplify things but still enjoyed wearing the shirt. Finally, the top does say to hand wash only, therefore make sure the pregnancy brain remembers and does not to throw it in the washer!

Sweet Pea Maternity Giveaway

Sweet Pea Maternity is giving one lucky reader a $25 gift certificate to their site. The designs are trendy and the clothing is affordable so be ready to show off your pregnant belly with great maternity clothes. You can enter to win in the Mother’s Day Giveaway by “liking”  KiKi’s Fashion Maternity on Facebook.

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