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Tree Decorating 101 with Pier 1 Imports

One tradition that we’ve managed to maintain through the years is our annual family Christmas tree decorating night. I don’t know if that’s the official name, but it’s basically what it is.

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With the older kids all working, we find an evening when everyone can be involved, wear matching pajamas, put on holiday music, bring down the tree and ornaments, and begin the decorating.

This year though, with the new house, we did change things up a bit.

Tree Decorating 101 with Pier 1 Imports

Tree Decorating 101

Thanks to our partnership with Pier 1 Imports, we were able to start from scratch with a whole new theme to fit the style of the new house.

With the farmhouse decor featured throughout our home, we decided that the Snow Day collection was perfect! The snow-blanketed forest with an array of woodland animals was exactly the look we were looking for.

The neutral tones and twinkling lights naturally fit into the established aesthetic of our home. Not to mention, the animals were too cute to pass up!

Just look at this squirrel!

Squirrel Ornament

Now let’s get honest. How many of you either (A) direct where every ornament is placed or (B) let your children hang the ornaments and then move them later? I’m more of the latter.

I’ve learned it’s easier to sit back and let them have their moment, and then come back later and have mine.

In addition to this Christmas tree decorating tip, I’ve also discovered a few more along the way I thought I would share.

Let’s call it Tree Decorating 101.

Christmas tree decorating tips

Pick a Tree

First, because it makes obvious sense, you need to pick a tree.

Real? Fake? Wide? Slim? Tall? Short? Taller? Fir? Spruce? Cashmere? Pre-lit? There are literally dozens of choices. Pick a tree that fits your space, your family, and your decorating needs.

Because our stairway opens up all the way to the second floor, we were able to purchase a 9.5′ tree this year.

We had to make sure it wasn’t too wide for the space and then tucked it into the area wrapped by the stairs.

Ivory Knit Boots Ornament

String Lights

Once your tree is set (pruned, watered-if needed, and anchored), you are ready to start stringing the lights. Push the strands into the branches to add depth to your tree.

Take note of the plug!

You want to make sure you can plug in the lights and not have to start over. (Obviously, skip this step if your tree is pre-lit). Using garland? It goes on right after the lights!

Deer Light-Up Lantern

Hang Ornaments

By the time you get to this point, you should have already chosen a theme. As I mentioned above, we picked a style that would fit with the decorations we already had in our home.

Other ideas include color-based, floral, religious, snowman, characters, and the list goes on (check out the ornament shop at Pier 1 Imports for inspiration).

Two of my favorite finds included the Deer Light-Up Lantern and Light-Up Cabin Ornaments. I love the glow that it adds to the tree!

Light-Up Cabin Ornaments

Once you have your theme, purchase the ornaments, and hang them.

Tip: Start with bigger, dominant ornaments first. Spread them out over the tree and then use smaller ornaments as fillers.

Make sure to tuck a few ornaments back into the branches! They don’t all need to be hung on the surface of the tree.

Also, don’t forget the back of the tree! (We may have done this before).

And one more tip: Safeguard those family heirlooms or fragile ornaments by hanging them higher on the tree.

handcrafted St. Nicholas

Finishing Touches

Once the tree is decorated with ornaments, we add the tree topper as the final piece.

If you are using a topper that needs to be plugged in, it is often easier to add it after the lights in order to safely string the cord through the tree.

Once the topper is set, add a nice tree skirt and any other finishing touches.

For example, we stood an incredible handcrafted St. Nicholas figure under the tree to guard the gifts yet to come.

Light-Up Christmas Village Lumbar Pillow

Now step back, turn off the lights of the room, and take a look at your tree! Fill any empty spots by adding more ornaments or moving things around.

Take another look and congratulate the family on a job well done. We even continued to tie in the theme with other decorations in our home.

For example, the Stag Head Silver Stocking Holder Rod on a faux fur mantle scarf to match our tree skirt holds our stockings while the Light-Up Christmas Village Lumbar Pillow adorns a nearby chair.

Did I mention how much I love these LED light-ups?!

Ready to decorate your tree?

Find inspiration and more at Pier 1 Imports. They inspire their customers to have fun decorating their homes and expressing their personal style with unique furnishings and endless creative possibilities.

You can find the products featured in this post at your local Pier 1 Imports store location or www.pier1.com.

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