Travel Around the World

Travel Around the World with Little Passports

Disclosure: I received a Little Passports Kit via Mami Innovative Media for the facilitation of this review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own.

Have you ever wanted to travel around the world with your kids? I know I do.

Travel Around the World

Travel Around the World

I want to RV across America or tour Europe from one country to the next. I think it sounds exciting and is a great way for the kids to learn. Hands on learning is always more exciting and my children get more out of their studies. That is why I was excited to receive a Little Passports Kit .

Little Passports Kit

Little Passports Kit

My girls were excited to open their Little Passports Kit and take a look at the adventure awaiting them inside. There are 2 editions available and they received the World Edition. The World Edition kit included:

  • a letter from Sam and Sofia
  • world map
  • passport
  • stickers
  • activity sheet
  • boarding pass with access to online games… and more

Once exploring all of the goodies inside their little suitcase, the girls were ready to begin exploring. They immediately began working on the included activity sheet in order to determine where Sofia and Sam wold be headed next.

world map

As my older daughter wrote the answers to the puzzles and activities on the sheet, both girls worked together to find the answers. They became pretty skilled at reading the world map after the very first country search.

It was a great teachable moment as far as continents were concerned. They also became very familiar with the European countries as they scoured each tiny country for the capital cities they were searching to find.

It was great seeing them work together and easily find the answers they were seeking. Plus, incorporating learning into play is always an ideal situation for both of them.

The Boarding Zone

The Boarding Zone

After doing all they could offline, the girls grabbed their boarding pass and took off towards the computer. After helping them set up an account, there was World Trivia, Continents, and a World Map Puzzle for them to learn geography and more.

The Boarding Zone was a great way for them to further enjoy playing with both Sofia and Sam. They were able to maneuver through the site without my help and it was very child-friendly.

US edition

Little Passports offers two subscription services… the World and US Editions. with both editions, the child will receive a package each month with various items from Sofia and Sam’s journeys.

Plus, they will also send along a new boarding pass to access more games and activities within The Boarding Zone. Each plan is based on a 3, 6, 0r 12 month service… or you can subscribe monthly.

The kits vary based on the service you choose.