How Total Mobile Protection from Verizon Saved the Day

How Total Mobile Protection from Verizon Saved the Day

I am willing to bet that most of us don’t go too far nowadays without our phones in our hands.

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In fact, gone are the days of reading shampoo bottles in the bathroom.

Now, you can play games, watch TV shows, view videos, catch up on social media, send emails, and much more with your smartphone in hand.

It’s no secret at all that our smartphones are a constant companion for many.

But what do you do when accidents happen?

How Total Mobile Protection from Verizon Saved the Day

Total Mobile Protection from Verizon

Accidents with your phone, that is! Think about all of the ways we maneuver our phones throughout the day.

We have become so accustomed to carrying our smartphones in our hands or pocket, that we often forget they are there, or simply drop them. It happens.

For Colby, this exact thing happened just two short weeks ago.

With a busy summer full of camps for the girls, business travel, family road trips, and everyday shenanigans, this was devastating for him to say the least.

And it happened right here at home.

shattered iPhone screen

As he was walking into our bedroom, he said the phone just seemed to flip out of his hand and land face down on our ceramic tile floors.

One inch away from the padded carpet of the bedroom. He picked it up and I could hear a collective grunt from the office.

He walked in, put his phone face down on his desk, and said, “I cracked my phone.”

I picked it up to take a look and declared, “That is not cracked, Buddy… that is shattered.”

Total Mobile Protection from Verizon

We instantly began to think of other phones we had in the house that he could use until we came up with a plan to replace his phone.

No way was it going to be fixable, and definitely was not repaired quickly. Colby remembered that we had Total Mobile Protection from Verizon.

He called Verizon to confirm and was instantly relieved to discover that his phone was covered. In fact, he made sure all six of our phones were covered.

Fortunately for a family our size, Verizon customers can protect up to 10 devices against loss, theft, damage, and post-warranty defects with Additional Coverage options.

inside iPhone

Total Mobile Protection from Verizon is a device insurance plan available exclusively from Verizon.

If a customer loses or breaks their phone, or if their phone is stolen, Verizon ships them a replacement phone the next day.

Plus, you also have access to as soon as same-day cracked screen repairs at a lower deductible cost ($49).

In fact, these same-day repairs are available at nationwide carry-in locations, but in 121 markets across the country, the technician can come right to your location.

Luckily for us, we are in one of those areas!

Fixed iPhone Total Mobile Protection from Verizon

Colby dropped his phone at 12:48 pm (I sent snaps to our kids documenting every part of the process so I’m sure on this).

The technician arrived at 3:28 pm and set up his work area on our kitchen island.

By 3:52 pm, Colby’s iPhone was back in working order and good as new! I could not believe it! It was literally just over 3 hours and as though it never happened.

pictures of summer fun

Needless to say, Total Mobile Protection from Verizon had Colby back in action and ready to face our summer plans in no time.

Before leaving, the technician placed a call, took a few pictures, and opened a couple of apps just to confirm everything was in working order.

Plus, he was extremely nice, knowledgeable, tidy, and quick.

Although the experience of shattering an iPhone was less than pleasant, Total Mobile Protection from Verizon saved the day.

Saved the summer, really! It was going to be a long season of fun for Colby without his phone to capture the movies, pictures, and memories of it all.

Ready to protect your phone?

From June 15 to July 14, Verizon is holding an open enrollment period for its Total Mobile Protection plan. Sign up TODAY so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your phone as you enjoy your own summer of fun!