Stay Prepared with Tornado Safety Tips

We live in Tornado Alley, so are always on a heightened sense of awareness in the area of safety. It’s not unusual for people living in this area to search for ways to stay prepared with tornado safety tips. After all, protecting our life and the lives of those we love is of the utmost importance.

tornado safety tips

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Tornado Safety Tips

Living in Texas, I have grown up with tornadoes my entire life. I have seen several and been through a few. I believe my fear of them also feeds my passion for monitoring them. All of my Facebook friends know they can come to my page when a storm is about to hit. I constantly update them and let everyone know the latest storm updates. My Facebook and Twitter feed are both full of storm chasers I follow. I simply cannot help myself.

But, with saying that, I also like to make sure everyone knows the proper tornado safety tips. Whereas there may be nowhere to escape an EF5, there is a way to protect ourselves the best way we can when possible.

  • Be alert to weather conditions. Watch the local news, listen to a weather radio , follow a storm chaser’s updates, or download an app.
  • Prepare a tornado safe room. Typically you need to be on the lowest floor of your home, in an side room without windows and doors (if possible). Put as many walls between you and the outside walls of the house/building as possible. Have a flashlight, water bottles, first aid kit, and snacks in the room. Along with shoes, your cell phone, and a helmet if you have one available. The helmet can protect your head if things get thrown around.
  • If in a car, try to find a sturdy shelter as quickly as possible and get out of your vehicle to safety. If no building available, stay in your car, buckle up, and bend down and cover up… in the lowest area you can find to park.
  • After the tornado has passed, step out of your safe room slowly. Check for any structural damage, busted gas lines, live electrical wires, broken glass and other hazards. Make sure no one is injured. Call and report injuries or major damage.

Before the storm, you also want to make sure you have everything in order. With the impending threat of the last storm to hit our area, my husband walked around with a video camera taking a complete inventory of our home. He also called to make sure that our life insurance policies were up to date and still active. Even as stay-at-home parents, we know the importance of maintaining life insurance on ourselves for the sake of our kids.

A life insurance policy gives us the peace of mind in knowing our family will not have to worry about our financials in any situation. I would hate to think my family had more to worry about if something were to happen to me.

What safety tips do you have?

Is your family protected in case of an emergency? Stay prepared and be safe!

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