As I was making my way around some blogs today I was asked this question. I was stumped and could not think of a thing. I do not buy for  myself very often… most of what I spend goes to the kids. Therefore, I decided to try and come up with at least 5 things I would buy JUST FOR ME to see if I could. So, here goes {I feel I should warn you that I am a very “practical” shopper so the list may not be too exciting…

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The Top 5 Items I Would Buy With $100:

  1. [amazon_link id=”B002VGZ52Y” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” target=”new” rel=”nofollow”]Shoes[/amazon_link] – I am not a shoe collector. I tend to find a pair I like and stick with them. Plus, I do not like anything fancy {remember my favorite shoes}. I enjoy being able to just slip on some shoes and go. Honestly, if you knew me, you would find that I keep a pair of shoes in our truck so that I do not have to put them on until the last minute. Then, when we are on our way back home I can pull them off again and be done with them. I enjoy being barefoot. 🙂
  2. Shirts/Tops – Again, I am no clothes fashionista and am comfortable in a t-shirt  and pair of baggy shorts, I must get out of the house every now and then and like to look {halfway} decent. I have not really bought myself clothes since I began staying home 7 years ago so my wardrobe could probably use an update.
  3. [amazon_link id=”B004G5T90M” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” target=”new” rel=”nofollow”]Desk chair[/amazon_link] – I spend an awful lot of time with this desk chair of mine and it is not the most comfortable thing! I have seen some pretty nice ones out there but they tend to cost a pretty penny. I can just imagine how they must feel though. Oh the joy of no back or leg pain from a nice, cushioned, ergonomic desk chair!
  4. [amazon_link id=”B0041OSQBG” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” target=”new” rel=”nofollow”]2TB External Hard Drive[/amazon_link] – Yeah… I love techy stuff! An external hard drive this big would be awesome! Do you know how much stuff I could put on it? It would be great since my desktop is almost to capacity and I network to it off my laptop for files. All of that storage space is just what I need {at least until I fill it up as well}.
  5. This is so hard! One more thing. I only need one more and I am stopped in my tracks! The new lens I want for my camera is more that $100. Another vehicle we desperately need is obviously way over. The new mattress we need is more than$100. Aaaahhhh! Wait, I know! I could get a pretty decent bike for $100. With a comfortable seat! We only have 2 and could use 1 more for family bike rides {well, family minus SuperDad since he gets motion sickness when we ride}.
This bike extension would be perfect for me & Princess. Pepper could pull Monkey in trailer.

Whew! I did it! Barely though! I was worried there on number 5… but I did it! So, c’mon now… what would be on your top 5 list?

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