Happily Ever Avery // Too Much Sleep Lands Her in the ER

Avery and Big Sis had their semi-weekly sleepover with Papa and I last night.

Mom’s birthday is Tuesday, so she and dad spent the night at a hotel.

When she called to check in, Avery was in and out, just waking from a nap.

When Mom & Dad arrived to pick them up, I had to tell them that something didn’t seem right with Avery.

Yesterday, she didn’t nap at all and fought her sleep for hours.

This morning, she begrudgingly woke up with sister at 8:30am, took her morning meds, then went back to sleep.

And slept. And slept. And slept.

No bottles. No wet diapers. Just sleeping.

(5;30PM) They’re at the ER now. Have been for almost 4 hours.

All posts about Avery have been moved to her own site!