Titanic Museum in Branson

Disclosure: The following trip to Branson and the Titanic Museum has been provided courtesy of US Family Guide. All experiences and thoughts are 100% our own.

Let’s have an honesty moment right here, I really became fascinated with the Titanic after I saw the movie in middle school. I mean who didn’t love Leonardo DiCaprio?! As an adult I have seen documentaries, read stories and even looked at pictures from the wreckage but nothing compares to be face to face with actual items that came from the ship. That is exactly why I was excited to visit The Titanic Branson.
The Titanic Museum is amazing! The massive front half of the ship is sure to draw a crowd and invite Titanic enthusiasts around. That is the moment I knew the museum would be awesome.
Before you walk into the museum each guest, even kids, are given a boarding pass with the information from an actual passenger from The Titanic. When you receive your boarding pass you won’t know whether your passenger made it out alive that fateful night or died. You keep your boarding pass with you and at the end of the tour, you will come to a wall which names all of the passengers on the Titanic. Here you will find out the fate of your passenger. I think this was the coolest part of the entire tour. Such a genius way to draw people in!


One of my favorite parts of the museum is The Grand Staircase which is an exact replica of The Titanic. It was built using the blueprints that were used to build the staircase on the ship. The staircase cost over a $1 Million dollars to build and it is beautiful! By walking up the stairs you get an idea of what the passengers of The Titanic experienced. Below is actual information on the person whom my boarding pass was dedicated to. It was crazy to see a little more about my passenger.
New in 2013 is the Children’s exhibit which pays tribute to the 133 children aboard the Titanic. Being a mom of two children this room really tugged at my heart. I just can’t imagine the fear that these kids went through and many of them lost one or even both of their parents. It’s not all sadness though as there are some really touching stories and a few happy endings.
The Titanic Museum is open year round and hosts a variety of events throughout. It’s a great experience worth the time if you are in Branson to stop by!