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Nowadays, it often feels as though we are being pulled from all sorts of directions. We have work, the kids have extra-curricular activities, and the family still needs to be taken care of while at home. Cooking, cleaning, and typical every day duties in addition to everything else we have going on seems to leave us in a never-ending state of busyness. Finding quality time to spend with our family can be a challenge.

tips for maximizing family time

Maximizing Family Time

Fortunately, today’s world also offers us a host of ways to get organized to create more time together. We don’t have to allow our jobs or busy schedules to dictate our family time. By utilizing tips for maximizing family time, we can take back our precious family just in time for Mother’s Day!

Use Technology Wisely with Xoom

Use Technology Wisely

We all know that technology can be a sure time-waster. But, if used wisely, it can actually be a great way to get organized. For example, PayPal and Xoom are a great tool to manage and move money quickly. Xoom, a PayPal service, powers international payments to friends and family in more than 40 countries around the world — and the number one recipient of payments on Xoom is Mom. You can feel safe and secure when sending money to those you love in other countries anytime, anywhere. Additionally, apps that feature calendars, reminders, and shopping lists can be a much needed resource as well. In fact, we can order groceries from our phone and then pick them up later.

involve kids in chores

Involve the Whole Family

From our oldest to our youngest, everyone is given a task. Whether we are cleaning the house, working on the yard, or researching a road trip, there is always something to be done. By delegating age-appropriate jobs to each of the kids, we are able to work through any list much quicker. There truly is power in numbers when it comes to hustling to complete a task.

Xoom - money transfer

Prioritize Duties

Speaking of all those duties, start your day with the most urgent ones. Getting the bigger, more stressful action items out of the way leaves you less stressed over the rest of your list. Next, start with the simplest tasks. Once finished, you will feel accomplished and more motivated to keep pushing through. Even paying bills can be quick and easy with Xoom! It is the only remittances company that offers instant disbursements and your loved ones can receive money through bank transfers, cash pick-up or delivery, bill pay and mobile reload. Another checked off task and more money for those you love.

Manage Time-Wasters

We all have them. Time-wasters may include searching for lost items to social media. Once you can pinpoint where your time is going, you will better understand the areas you need to improve on. For instance, we prepare the kids’ outfits the day before so that we have every piece ready to put on in the morning. If packed lunches are necessary, they are pre-packaged and ready the night before. Have a place for everything, and put everything in it’s place. Simply being organized can save the entire family an incredible amount of time!

schedule fun family time

Schedule Family Time

There is no shame in actually blocking time on a calendar for the family. By scheduling the time, no one will have an excuse for not being available. Set a reminder to make sure every one shows and discuss prior to each date what you will do together. Whether it’s a simple as a Mother’s Day meal or more organized, such as a picnic, plan ahead. Make your family a priority and work to create healthy traditions that last a lifetime.

Every little bit adds up and by using one or two of these tips, you will find yourself with more time to devote to the ones you love.

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Now that you have the time, go make Mother’s Day something special!