Tips for Buying Your Child's First Phone
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Do your kids have phones? All but our youngest daughter currently have smartphones. Honestly, with the dynamics of our family, it’s for the best.

For example, using the smartphone’s own technology, we can easily track our kids’ locations at any given moment. So, even if they’re not answering our texts, I can at least know where to find them and take away said phone. I mean, parenting, right?

Tips for Buying Your Child's First Phone with Trademore

Buying Your Child’s First Phone

Alas, keeping the phones in their hands isn’t something I can keep track off at all times. They might understand the need for a phone, but don’t always fully comprehend the responsibility behind owning it. And kids can be pretty tough on phones.

I watched our 12 year old film a re-enactment video with her brother which was supposed to “fake” her phone flying across the yard. It became very real, very fast. Fortunately, her phone escaped any major damage, but the screen did come up with a few scratches.

Buying pre-owned for kids

Buying her a new phone wasn’t exactly in the budget at that time. But, buying a used phone on Trademore made more sense.

Buying pre-owned is a cost-effective way to test the waters, introduce your child to the new device and teach them the responsibilities of owning their very own phone.

Don’t worry, what it doesn’t mean is you get a faulty phone.

In fact, Trademore puts each phone through a 30-point functional and cosmetic inspection (for quality, reliability and functionality) and must receive a 100% inspection score before going to sale.

Plus, with a large variety of devices with very competitive prices, you’re sure to find the perfect phone to fit your child’s needs.

Buying a used phone through Trademore

As you search, keep these tips for buying your child’s first phone in mind:

  • Set the ground rules: Establish all restrictions and limitations from the beginning to ensure that everyone agrees as to how the phone should be used properly. This includes screen time limits, appropriate apps, social media sites, and unplugged hours.
  • Don’t spend too much: As shown through my example above, kids don’t always understand the results of their actions or think everything through. Then, of course, accidents happen (in the hands of adults as well) and phones get broken. Buying a used phone through Trademore helps keep the costs down.
  • Protect your purchase: Again, accidents can happen, and a little extra protection can help extend the life of the phone. Glass screen protectors and phone cases are a must in our house in order to carry your phone out of the house.

To be honest, our kids have (for the most part) always been responsible when it comes to their phones. Other than a few scratches, they’ve all made it to their next upgrade period intact.

Now, my husband? Well, let’s just say we carry insurance on all our smartphones mostly because of him!

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