Frozen Elsa costume details

Have you found your Halloween costume yet?

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I know it took some time for all 8 of us to figure out our selections, but we were able to get them all picked out.

Now, we are ready for Halloween thanks to

BuyCostumes Halloween selection

Perfect Halloween Costume

But just how do you go about finding the perfect Halloween costume? With a large variety of costume choices, you want to make the best decision.

After all, your costume can provide hours of fun… or disaster based on your choice.

At BuyCostumes, they believe “Life’s Better in Costume” so they want it to be a great experience for you. Take a look at a few tips to ensure you make the right costume selection:

  1. Shop early. I have mentioned this before, so I will say it again here, shop early for the best Halloween selection. Chances are the one costume your child wants will be on the list of most wanted costumes and the hunt will be even harder. Check out NOW for easy online shopping and the biggest selection.
  2. Check sizes. Well, not only the size but the measurements. Each manufacturer may have a different set of measurements and you want to choose the right size. Pick a comfortable costume that allows its user to move around freely and stay safe inside. I also found that reading the reviews on BuyCostumes gave me more insight into the fit of each costume for both our Queen Elsa and Posh Pirate costume.
  3. Set a budget. Look for sales and discounts as we head into the Halloween season. Know how much you have to spend and shop smart.
  4. Plan for the weather. You don’t want to freeze in a small costume if Halloween night in your neighborhood means cold weather. Be prepared with a backup costume, second layer, or other outerwear.
  5. Choose proper footwear. My daughter, against my recommendation, wore plastic princess shoes to trick-or-treat one year. She learned quickly it was not a good idea. Remember how much walking you will possibly be doing and choose accordingly.
  6. Accessorize. Picking the perfect elements can really enhance your costume experience. Whether it’s a prop such as a sword or a mask for a superhero costume. Check out BuyCostumes and find what works best for your costume.

Remember to shop for yourself as well. Halloween is a fabulous time to bond with your kids. Find group ideas that can bring your family together through costumes.

Discover ideas and more for your own Halloween experience, including the Top 10 Party Ideas, on .

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