Time Tribe Historic Interactive Game

Do you have children at home that enjoy learning about history? Do you enjoy taking an interactive trip with them? Time Tribe may be the perfect game for you then.

Time Tribe

Time Tribe

The Time Tribe follows the story of four children who are taken to a mansion without a reason as to why. They soon discover they are part of a secretive group of time travelers called the Time Tribe. Together, the group will explore the mystery’s of the mansion, known as the Keep. As the they gather clues and interact with odd characters from both the past and present, you must learn to help them find a way out of the the Keep.

The point and click adventure allows you, as the player, to control up to four different characters that each have different abilities. Travel with them through a virtual world filled with various places to explore, artifacts and relics to collect, mysteries to solve, puzzles to crack, and mini games to play.


  • Kate Starling – Kate is a strong willed 12-year-old that is somewhat a loner. She grew up on the streets of London which forced her to learn how to take care of her self.
  • Lewis Cole – 10 year-old grandson of Dr Cole that has resided in the Keep most of his life. He carries an old journal filled with faded notes and sketches, increasingly of his own making as he spends his days exploring the Keep and its collections.
  • Will Starling – The most inquisitive of the group, and normally finds his self getting into places he doesn’t need to be. Will struggles with the loss of his parents, and though he hides it mostly, resents his unorthodox upbringing.
  • Iris Starling – The one person in the keep that is kind, calm, and serious. Her best friend is Kismet, a starling that tapped on her bedroom window on the morning she turned seven, and r
  • The Keep – The staff at the Keep range in different personalities from Hester Chance which takes cares of the children to Wolfram Beggard that has a passion for all the artifacts in the Keep.

Historic Interactive Game

Historic Interactive Game

The Time Tribe is a historic interactive game that takes on a comic book-like storyline to help players engage. It is then able to inject historical facts into the game play for a sun learning experience.

The Time Tribe offers an immersive arena in which kids learn how amazing and exciting the real journey humankind has taken through its collective history is. But that’s not to say there’s no room for some magic and whimsy. So in our world, everything is as it should be in the past, but that doesn’t prevent a talking animal or two from joining in the fun.

The game is based on a free play structure so that you are able to enjoy the game from start to finish at your own pace. The addition of  mini games throughout, personalized avatars and a coat of arms, daily quests, and the ability to make friends in the game keep it interesting and entertaining. But do not fear, Parents… the game is safe. There is no live chat and they can only befriend real life friends in the game who know their Time Tribe username.

The game is free-to-play. In fact, you can play through the entire main quest story as well as most of the sidequests for free. There is a subscription service for additional resources… but they are not mandatory to play the game. They simply enhance your play.

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