CVS Timer Caps

For some patients, days are filled with a variety of medications. For others, there may be that one-time prescription to help fight an infection.

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Whether taking medication is a daily routine or a once-ever-so-often event, it still needs to be taken properly.

This means in addition to proper dosage, medication should also be taken on time. CVS Health Medication Timer Caps are ONE tool that can help patients ensure they are taking their medication properly.

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Take Medication Properly

CVS Health Medication Timer Cap is an easy-to-use tool that helps people keep track of their dosing schedule.

When my mom was going through chemotherapy, she had two chemo pills that had to be taken 8 hours apart.

Due to her frequent naps and a varying eating schedule, the first pill was not always taken directly on the hour.

Using the Timer Caps, it is easy to see how much time has passed since the last dose.

CVS Timer Caps

The cap works like a stopwatch showing how much time has passed since the medication bottle was last closed.

A quick look would let you know if the allotted time—in my mom’s case: 8 hours—had passed so that you could take the next dose.

Not to mention, when there is more than one caregiver, Timer Caps help each person administering the medication more easily track the last dose.

Someone may forget to add a dosage or time to the medical journal, or the patient may not particularly remember.

A glance at the Timer Cap would be helpful in letting everyone know when it’s time to take the next dose.

Additionally, the Timer Caps are child-resistant and fit standard prescription bottles.

Plus, they are designed to be disposable so that there is no cross-contamination with medications.

You can easily pick up a 3-pack of the Timer Caps at CVS with your next prescription.

CVS Pharmacy consultation

Furthermore, upon pick-up, your CVS pharmacist will be readily available to discuss medications with you, as well as address any concerns or questions you may have about them.

In fact, CVS Pharmacy wants to help make sure patients adhere to their prescribed medications, and, therefore, offers several other programs and tools that can help, including:

  • Programs that help align prescription refills for patients with multiple maintenance medications, so they can pick up all of their prescriptions in a monthly pharmacy visit
  • Pharmacist counseling (in-person or by phone) to help patients stay on track. Research shows that face-to-face counseling by a pharmacist is two to three times more effective at increasing patient adherence than other interventions.
  • A mobile app that makes filling and refilling prescriptions easier; in addition to setting up medication reminders within the app to help alert them when it’s time for their next dose

CVS Pharmacy is doing its part to make taking medications easier. The key factor though is adherence.

With the Timer Cap and mobile alerts, the reminders are there, you simply have to do your part and take the medication properly.

What tips do you have to remember to take medication properly?

For more information on the many resources that CVS has developed to help patients adhere to their medications, visit or download the CVS mobile App.