6 Things To Keep In Mind If You’ve Just Gotten Engaged

Congratulations! You’ve found your true love and have just gotten engaged!

When your significant other has proposed to you and the ring has been placed upon your knuckle and the tears have dried, you may be experiencing a wide range of emotions, the most prominent of which is likely joy, but there is also expected to be a trace of nervousness lurking beneath the surface.

The sudden transition from “just dating” to “just got engaged,” “wedding-planning,” and “bride – or groom-to-be” is a shock to the system for some people, and a kick of panic often starts as soon as reality sets in.

You’ve Just Gotten Engaged

But don’t worry; that’s why we’re here. Everything will be resolved in good time — you just need to keep these six things in mind.

woman holding up hand to show off engagement ring

Sharing the News

As soon as you become engaged, it’s time to share the news. Just take your time if you need to. Some couples may decide to wait a while before announcing their happy news to the world.

Certain persons should be notified before you publish anything on social media, even if you feel ready to share it immediately. Avoid hurting feelings by talking to close friends and family first.

Having a personal conversation with you to offer their congratulations is something they will cherish. You may tell the world that you’re engaged after that.

Talking to Your Fiancé

Once you feel ready to begin organizing your wedding, the first step is to talk with your future spouse. You should talk to each other before consulting anyone else.

It will save a lot of trouble in the future if you just have a conversation right now. You two should have similar values and priorities about life and wedding.

When should you hold the wedding? Where is it going to be located? What kind of venue do you dream of?

Do you want to make a personalized engagement registry before the wedding? Do you plan on throwing a huge party? It’s time to stop everything and figure out what it is that you both desire.

Discussing the Budget

It’s time to discuss finances now that you’re on the same page. Money is a touchy subject, therefore it’s kind of an odd situation sometimes. This conversation is essential, whether it’s just the two of you or the two of you and the parents.

So here is where the truth of the matter really is. Location, guest list, engagement time, bridal party size, wedding dress, and other details may all be affected by your financial plan.

Protecting Your Engagement Ring

You will likely spend the next several months proudly displaying your engagement ring in person and online since it has undoubtedly become your favorite piece of jewelry. Take care not to lose it!

Getting your finger measured for a ring is the first step. The ring has to be loose enough to be removed for cleaning yet secure enough to stay in place.

Insurance is a good alternative in case you lose the ring and cannot afford a second one. Additional coverage is recommended since expensive jewelry is often not covered by standard homeowner’s or renter’s policies.

Saying Yes to Dress

You should definitely start looking for your ideal dress right after you are engaged. Six to nine months is the average time it takes to get a wedding dress after placing an order, and that does not include time spent searching for or making any necessary adjustments.

In case there are any difficulties at the very end, it’s better to get things done early on. Read up on what you need to do before your first bridal appointment at a boutique so that you’ll feel confident and beautiful as you try on wedding dresses.

Wedding dress shopping should be a joyful experience, and your ideal gown should make you feel like a million dollars.

Enjoying the Engagement

This is arguably the single most crucial item you need to keep in mind. Relax! Believe us when we say that we understand how tempting it might be to immediately get on social media after becoming engaged.

But before you go running about screaming it from the rooftops, you should take some time to enjoy it privately with one another. You are going to want to remember this love-drunk euphoria that you are now experiencing.

Do whatever makes you happy and take pleasure in the love that you have for one another, whether it is popping open a bottle of champagne or indulging in a celebration meal and dessert.

Keep in mind that there is no set wedding schedule that you must follow. If you’re set on being engaged for the whole three years, go for it!

This process is not to be started unless you are prepared to invest the time, money, and energy required to organize the wedding of your dreams. Otherwise, take it easy and enjoy your engagement!