25 Things to Do Now… Because It’s Worth Your Time

I don’t know about you, but around here, things can get crazy busy. So busy that we forget to just stop… and breathe. To appreciate the little things and to take in our surroundings. You know, to really look at what we have going on and simply be okay with that. Therefore, I put together a list of things to do NOW… because it is absolutely worth your time to do so.

25 things to do now because its worth your time

25 Things to Do Now

After all, our day-to-day life is filled with the small things that make up the bigger picture. Perhaps, just for a moment, we can focus on those little things, not sweat the small stuff, and spend a moment simply enjoying “BEING.” Here are a few ideas to get you started on that journey:

  1. Breathe DEEPLY. I know this sounds fundamental but seriously… try it! Lie down flat and breathe in and out big, deep breaths. Notice the way your body feels. It’s incredible! I do this when I feel a headache coming on and it almost completely takes it away. No joke. Okay… moving on.
  2. Read a page in the dictionary. C’mon. Expand your vocabulary! It’s fun and enlightening.
  3. Describe someone/thing you love. Make a video. Write a poem. Post an Instagram picture. However you care to do it… just DO IT!
  4. Interview a friend or family member. Learn something new and interesting about the people you do life with.
  5. Practice writing backwards. Just for fun. Because you can.
  6. Think about where you want to be in 5, 10, 25+ years. Write it down in a journal and decide what goals you need to make to achieve those dreams.
  7. Mark a map with all the places you’ve been. Decide where you want to go next and how you can make that happen.
  8. Purge your closet and take those unwanted clothes to a donation box. Help others in need and minimize your own needs.
  9. Try a new food. Go ahead. You only live once, right? Broaden your palette and see what new foods are out there. You never know, you might discover your new favorite go-to food!
  10. Grab a pen and paper and close your eyes. Now draw a picture. The ability to have fun is important… even when by yourself. This is simple as well as amusing.
  11. Recall a favorite memory and write down everything you can remember. Call on all 5 of your senses as though you are describing it to someone else. You will be thankful later when you look back on it.
  12. Write a thank you letter to someone from your past. Let them know how they inspired you, changed you, motivated you to do something.
  13. People watch. Observe others and learn to appreciate the world we live in with all of its diversity. Don’t judge. Just watch. Discover how we, as a people, interact and live. It can be quite fascinating.
  14. Write down all of the things that you are most interested in. Devise a plan to learn more about each of them to indulge your curiosity.
  15. Finish something you have not yet had the time to finish. After all, you have the time NOW.
  16. Spend all day using a new accent. Just because. Practice makes perfect and it will be entertaining!
  17. Cook a meal for a friend or neighbor. It’s simply a nice thing to do.
  18. Listen to a playlist from your childhood and reminisce. Enjoy the memories and celebrate them as they come to you.
  19. Do something you would not typically do. Even if you think you cannot do it… be brave. You can do it!
  20. Look up a random topic on Wikipedia and learn more about it. You know why… just because you can.
  21. Write an encouraging note and then leave it in a book or magazine in a local store or library.
  22. Pick up an object near you and study it. Where did it come from? Who made it? What else can you learn about the items you use every day?
  23. Just sit and listen. Clear your mind and concentrate on the noises around you. What are they? Embrace the sounds and appreciate them as they come.
  24. Ask an elder how life was different for them as a child. Compare the way things have changed and close the generation gaps through conversation. You will be better for it… as will they.
  25. Unplug. Set your phone aside. Take a walk. Notice the things you most likely pass by daily but fail to see. Explore and understand your living environment from an un-distracted perspective. Sigh.

Oh the things we could do if we could just find the time. You have the time! Make the time if you think you don’t. It’s available. We simply have to capture the moments and use them wisely. Time is all we have and once we lose it… we can’t get it back. It’s precious so enjoy it now.

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