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We are coming up on a huge milestone in the life of our oldest daughter. In just over a month, she will be getting married. Everything we have prepared her for over her lifetime will now be tested. From manners, responsibility, managing a budget and loving others. As her mom, my greatest fear will be did I teach her well enough?

Things Mothers Should Teach Their Daughters

The crazy thing is, I still have 3 more daughters to go after her. I feel like this is only the beginning. And I often call her my “guinea pig.” She and I have had to maneuver this parenting journey together. She was my first try at everything. I didn’t always get it right, but I hope I have learned from my mistakes. I know she has and continues to. As I watch her spread her wings, it’s time to focus on her sisters left at home (as well as her brother).

Therefore, after a bit of thought, here are some things I have discovered mothers should teach their daughters:

Always Be YOU

And, the best version of you as much as possible. Peer pressure is always present, but there is not reason to be anyone but you. Yes, you will want to fit in and be accepted, but as yourself. Not a fake representation of who you are. Be confident in the person you have become and radiate that independence and strength to those around you.

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You are Beautiful

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You are Enough

Know your self-worth and expect others to as well. Stand tall and proud of what you believe in. Even if no one else is standing with you, hold your ground when it all seems right. You are enough. You matter. Have the confidence and maturity to become whomever you wish to be. Take responsibility for your actions and look for happiness in the little things.

show compassion

Have Compassion

The world we live in can be a tough one. Show compassion to others. Be a friend to those around you and reach out to those who need it. Look for the weak and minister to them with love and understanding. Appreciate the lives of others and find value in relationships. Nurture other people and realize that all lives matter. A little compassion can change the world. Be a world changer.

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