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6 Things All Homeowners Should Know to Keep Windows in Good Condition

Ever wondered how much value those clear panes add to your home? Windows are often overlooked, yet they play an essential role in your house.

They provide light, warmth, and ventilation, amongst other benefits. Maintaining them deserves every bit of our attention for a comfortable and well-preserved home.

Here are six things every homeowner should know to keep their windows in tip-top shape.

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1. Why You Should Keep Windows in Top Shape

Keeping your windows in good condition is paramount for an array of reasons. For instance, it keeps your family safe and comfortable by providing insulation from external temperatures.

Weather elements can intrude due to worn-out window seals, leading to discomfort and potential hazards.

Moreover, maintained windows significantly enhance curb appeal. Indeed, if we consider aesthetics, fresh-looking windows give an immediate facelift to the facade of your home.

Well-maintained windows also preserve your home’s resale value. A potential buyer may pay less for a house requiring significant window repairs or replacements.

Hence, maintenance of the windows as a part of regular home maintenance is an investment in securing your financial future in real estate sales.

2. Regularly Cleaning: Dirt and Grime Make Windows Less Efficient, an Eyesore

Cleaning your windows isn’t only about aesthetics, although that’s a considerable part of it. Dirt and grime can accumulate over time and cause minor damages to escalate.

The buildup of particulates on the glass can eventually cause scratches or cracks in the windows, making them less efficient at their job. Therefore, cleaning your windows regularly minimizes embedded dirt, judiciously extending their lifespan.

3. Signs of Malfunction- Inspect Your Windows Frequently

Routine inspection of your windows is key for maintaining them in good condition. Visible signs such as cracks or splintering wood may indicate you need repairs or replacements.

More subtle signs could include difficulty opening or closing a window. This could point toward internal issues like a warped frame.

4. Skimping Timely Window Repairs and Replacements Can Lead to Costlier Problems

It’s easy to put off repairing a window, especially when it still seems functional. However, even minor problems can escalate quickly if not addressed on time.

Cracks or gaps might allow water seepage during rainfall, leading to bigger problems such as mold growth or structural damage.

Thus, attending to window damages promptly and possibly seeking professional help can keep you ahead of more serious issues.

5. Window Painting and Sealing: A Touch of Fresh Paint Does More Than Just Look Good

A fresh coat of paint on your window frames can work wonders. However, painting isn’t merely about color or aesthetics. It serves as a layer of protection for the frame material against weather elements and potential decay.

Furthermore, sealing your windows improves insulation and prevents heat escape, saving you energy costs during colder periods and keeping the hotter weather outside during summer.

6. Good Weatherstripping Helps Prevent Air and Water from Getting in Through Your Windows

Last but definitely not least, weatherstripping is among the best ways to prevent cold drafts and water from slipping into your home through the windows and doors.

There are different types of weatherstripping, some more proficient than others at creating an air-tight seal for your home.

Ensuring your windows have good weatherstripping not only improves comfort but also reduces energy bills.

If your current weather stripping is worn out or ineffective, consider using high-quality replacements like the flex seal weather stripping.

These variants can provide excellent insulation against exterior temperature fluctuations, ensuring substantial savings on energy bills while keeping your home comfortable and dry throughout the year.


That’s pretty much it! Understanding and implementing these window maintenance tips will keep your home sparkling and help you enjoy it for years to come.

So remember, a sturdy house begins with well-cared-for windows. Ensure they get the attention they deserve because these are truly the eyes of your cherished nest.