Secret of the Wings

Tinker Bell has experienced her fair share of adventure over the years, and this time she will embark on her greatest one yet. As Tinker Bell explores the frozen land on the other side of the river she discovers more than what she was looking for.

Secret of the Wings

Do You Know The Secret of the Wings?

Tinker Bell has always been the curious one of the bunch. Her tinkering has led her on many adventures astray and we find her doing the same in The Secret of the Wings. This time though, Tinker Bell ventures into the Winter Woods which is forbidden for warm fairies. As her naivety sets in, she foregoes the warnings and enters into the cold.

Tinker Bell

While in the Winter Woods, Tinker Bell finds her wings glowing and sparkling… something they have never done before. This sparks a chain of events that lead her to Periwinkle.

Two fairies born of the same laugh. Sisters!

The bond is instant and they want nothing more than to learn all about one another. Yet, for reasons beyond their control, they are forced to separate once again. Determined to find a way to be together, Tinker Bell develops a plan that seems to work great… until something goes horribly wrong. The sisters are once again united through adversity and bring the two woods together to achieve one important goal.

Secret of the Wings

You can admire all of the research that Peggy Holmes states went into the making of the film and appreciate how it all came together. The graphics are superb and the colors are so vivid. The contrast between both the Winter Woods and Pixie Hollow were so distinct and realistic. And the light snow that fell on us in the 3D moments of the film were magical. So many amazing aspects of the film that made it so much more than a child’s movie.

Not to mention, I am glad that we watched this movie right before heading home from our #DisneyMoviesEvent trip! After watching it, I missed my family incredibly more. The movie pulled at those heartstrings and may very well be my favorite Tinker Bell movie thus far. My daughters are going to absolutely love it. In fact, my incredibly sensitive husband may even shed a tear. I am not even joking! I know I was holding them back as I watched.

Secret of the Wings

Plus, even though the movie is all about fairies, Lord Milori and the other male fairies bring a terrific balance to the story. It is dramatic and adventurous as well as sweet and touching. The story-line captures your heart while the drama draws you in. Together it makes an equation for success for both males and females… of all ages. I know I am excited to sit down and share it with my family next week!