To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. – Anonymous

Can one person make a difference? Do you ever question whether or not you can actually alter the way things go? Although you may have felt like your one vote would not count or your dollar would not make a difference… how wrong you are! As I began to stop and think of all those people in history who have made a footprint in our history as we know it, I also began to think of what I do to make a difference.

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First, I thought of Jesus. He came to the world as a human, flesh and bone, with the sole purpose of dying to save us all from our sins. No man, in my opinion, has ever been greater or served a deeper purpose. Historically, there was George Washington, a founder of our great nation. He defeated a king and then chose to not come one himself but establish the democracy we now live under today. Martin Luther King, Jr, one of my favorites, fought long and hard for racial equality and died for his efforts. Although we have yet to live his “dream,” he made a difference in the civil right’s movement.

How about recent history with someone such as Mark Zuckerberg? What a different society we have become with the introduction of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter?! This one man and his incredible mind helped to develop our world into the online melting pot it has become. Just craziness!

make a difference
The reason I believe I can make a difference! 🙂

So, can one person make a difference? Of course they can! Can YOU make a difference! No doubt! Do I make a difference to anyone? I believe I, as a mom to 5 children, make a difference everyday! Which one of us as a parent does not look in the mirror and see some facet of our own mother before us. Whether it is in the form of mom-isms or the way we cook a casserole. Our mother has molded our minds and actions. There are numerous scriptures and quotes about the importance of the mother. Good or bad the mother role in each of lives has somehow impacted the way we live our daily lives.

Nevertheless, I, for one, can see myself in my own children, and I can see the influence of those such as Jesus and MLK {I am from a bi-racial marriage myself}. Plus, my teens are drawn into the world of Mark Zuckerberg on a daily basis! =)

I rather enjoy knowing that I DO matter to someone. I CAN make a difference. And, as a mom, I will continue to make an impression on their lives. I have the “momability” to help teach them to love both God and people, to watch then grow, and to pray they become productive in their own society. Perhaps one of them will find a cure for cancer, discover a natural fuel for every car, or become the first woman President! I mean, a mom can dream, right?!


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