The Fire Keeper by JC Cervantes
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Are you ready for the fiery and fast-paced sequel to the New York Times bestselling and critically acclaimed The Storm Runner? The Fire Keeper, by J. C. Cervantes is on shelves now!

The Fire Keeper by JC Cervantes

The Fire Keeper

The series, recommended for ages 8-12, is a contemporary adventure based on Maya mythology from Rick Riordan Presents!

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In Book 1, The Storm Runner, a lonely boy in New Mexico has a physical disability that makes middle school feel even more like everyone is watching him. But as he soon learns, his physical differences are merely the first clue to a family history that connects him to the Maya gods—and puts him in mortal danger.

The Storm Runner and Fire Keeper

The Fire Keeper turns the first book on its ear, reuniting familiar characters from the first book for a brand new quest featuring incredible twists and turns!

Zane Obispo’s new life on a beautiful secluded tropical island, complete with his family and closest friends, should be perfect. But he can’t control his newfound fire skills yet (inherited from his father, the Maya god Hurakan); there’s a painful rift between him and his dog ever since she became a hell hound; and he doesn’t know what to do with his feelings for Brooks.

One day he discovers that by writing the book about his misadventures with the Maya gods, he unintentionally put other godborn children at risk. Unless Zane can find the godborns before the gods do, they will be killed. To make matters worse, Zane learns that Hurakan is scheduled to be executed. Zane knows he must rescue him, no matter the cost. Can he accomplish both tasks without the gods detecting him, or will he end up a permanent resident of the underworld?

The Fire Keeper is a #1 Best Seller in Children’s Latin American Folk Tale Books and has captivated my girls. There was plenty of adventure mixed with a cultural history lesson about Mayan gods.

Each turn of the page keeps you on your toes and waiting for more!

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