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The Best Thank You Gifts To Get For Doctors and Nurses

The hardest workers out there deserve something above and beyond for their work.

When I’m at the hospital visiting my granddaughter, who’s fighting Leukemia at six months old, the people I’m most often excited to see are the nurses and doctors on the floor who take care of her and all the other patients.

It’s always been true, but even more evident now, that nurses and doctors are heroes beyond words. Their worth cannot go understated, their kindness and generosity, and their devotion to their job is in a league of their own.

Thank You Gifts For Doctors and Nurses

I want to say thank you for their hard work and no doubt other people do as well. A good care package chock full of all kinds of goodies is a great way to show gratitude to those who take such good care of our loved ones.

Thank You Gifts

Here are some of the best things I’ve found for nurses and doctors on the job.

  • Send the Snack-packed Thank You Care Package
  • A travel coffee mug
  • Moisturizing hand-cream
  • A movie-night care package
  • Black-out curtains
Thank You Care Package
It’s hard to resist all the goodies in this package, they just taste so good!

Send the Snack-packed Thank You Care Package

Nurses and doctors often don’t eat for hours at a time, often I see them sneaking snacks or little bites of things while they’re on shift to keep their energy up while they’re working. It’s not like you can fit in three full-course meals for the whole day you’re working.

The Thank You Care Package is the best gift for all of your favorite nurses or doctors because it’s got a lot of stuff, all the kinds of snacks you could ever want, and they’re totally shareable.

This package comes with all things sweet and salty to satisfy those cravings. M&M’s, Swedish fish, Chip’s Ahoy, fruit snacks, Teddy Grahams for all those sugar lovers. And Popcorn, Top-Ramen, veggie chips, Cheez-Its, and more for the salty-food diehards.

It’s a gift that’s likely to make everyone happy with choices galore to pick from.


A thoughtful and functional gift that nurses are guaranteed to use.

A travel coffee mug

Coffee keeps so many of us going, especially medical professionals. I’ve seen many nurses at the station with mugs of coffee or tea to give them that much-needed caffeine boot on their shift.

And while a regular coffee mug will serve them well, a travel mug I think is even better, so that nurses can continue their work and drink their coffee without having to worry about any serious spillage. A travel mug will keep any liquids inside secure, and hot, or cold if that’s their jam, to perfection.

S’well and Hydroflask are some classic brands that keep drinks well insulated, but it’s hard to go wrong when buying one of these. As long as it’s functional and the lid screws on tight I’d say they will love it!

One of the best gifts you can give a doctor or nurse is a donation to their favorite charity. Not only will this be greatly appreciated, but it will also help to support a cause that is important to them.

Doctors and nurses often see firsthand the devastating effects of disease and poverty, and they may feel passionate about supporting organizations that are working to make a difference.

Charities like Sanctity of Life, allow you to donate in honor of someone else.  By donating in their name, you can help them to make a positive impact on the world.

In addition, this gift will be a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Moisturizing hand cream

Moisturizing hand cream

Medical professionals wash their hands a lot. It’s a part of their routine, keeping things clean and germ-free for their patients. So it’s no surprise that their hands can sometimes get dry with repeated washing.

So for your nurse or doctor’s goodie bag or care package try including a collection of different hand creams for them.

A plain and simple moisturizing hand cream that’s unscented is a good option, some people’s skin is sensitive to certain scents so this is always a safe bet. But there are some lightly scented options as well to love! Vanilla or lavender are often very soothing for the skin and delicate to the nose.

Also, I’ve found that anything with shea butter is great as well, most creams have shea butter in them nowadays but it’s good to double-check.

Virtual Movie Night Essentials package
Buttered popcorn and Twizzlers, a classic movie night combo.

A movie-night care package

I love having a movie night with my grandkids, and when the movies are on there’s nothing better than to snuggle up with some movie snacks! With all the classic candies and popcorn it’s a classic family-fun time.

Every so often nurses will come in to check on us, and maybe even steal a chip or two. Nurses love a movie night just as much as the rest of us, so why not extend the love with a Virtual Movie Night Essentials package.

This package will bring back all the memories of the movie theater. I can just picture the snack bar with its lines and lines of boxed candy treats. Whether you’re more of a chocolate person itching for a Reeses’ Cup or a sour candy lover snacking on some Sour Patch this package has it all.

Whether your favorite nurse or doctor uses it for a Netflix binge or as a small snack on the job it will nod doubt be money well spent.

woman opening black out curtains to let sunshine in

Black-out curtains

Every day I see the hard work that nurses do, and despite all of the challenges they face they always remain supportive and ready to help despite long shifts and hard nights at the hospital.

I know nurses and doctors can go a long time without sleeping, particularly if they have a packed day and not every nurse gets to sleep on a consistent schedule. Night shift nurses in particular seem to have this problem.

So for those that have to take their rest in the daytime, blackout curtains are a great gift for them to put up in a breakroom or an on-call room to keep out the sunlight. It’s not easy to sleep when the sun’s all bright and shining, and these can keep those pesky rays away.

This is a great gift too for newer staff who haven’t gotten used to a wacky sleep schedule yet, keeping things dark will help them stay rejuvenated and at the ready to help.

More than anything I want all the nurses and doctors to feel as loved as I do when they help my grandchild. They’ve done so much that it can never really be repaid, but if any of these gifts help them in any way, then my day will be brightened, and, hopefully, so will theirs.