family sitting in dark during Texas power outage

I keep getting asked about how people outside Texas can help. I honestly don’t even know how to explain to people HOW to help.

It’s like no one can get into the state because of the road conditions. We’ve had mail delivery once this week. I saw delivery trucks on Monday, but nothing since.

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toddler looking into camping lantern during power outage

Stores aren’t getting deliveries of food and supplies.

Grocery stores and restaurants are closed.

Gas stations are running out of gas.

DoorDash, Shipt and other gig delivery services aren’t running.

If stores are open, they’re mostly cash only.

No electricity.

No water.

If you do have water, it has to be boiled before you can do anything with it.

But, no power often means no way to boil it. Even our gas stove has an electric ignitor (which luckily Colby found a way to work around).

Hotels and shelters are full. Not to mention, we’re still in the middle of global pandemic.

Many have been without power for days and no one knows when it’ll come back.


Doing our best to stay warm and entertained w/o power + water during the #TexasWinterStorm2021 #snowdaydallas #Texas #thisisnotokay #BeNice

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We live by a stopwatch that helps us keep track of when the power goes off and on. This helps us have a better idea of how long we have between outages.

Showers? We all had quick ones yesterday but are unsure when the next one will be. Water, WiFi, and even cell service is unreliable at this point too.

If you know someone personally in the state, please reach out and check on them. We’re not okay.

Mentally, emotionally, physically, even spiritually for some, we’re simply not okay.

Sure, I’ll keep sharing pictures of the fun times we’re having to pass the time, but I would be failing if I didn’t mention the struggles as well.

The watching of the clock, racing to get things done during the times we have power, worrying about the kids being cold, the food going bad, the electricity not coming back on.

The bottom line is simply this: it’s a disaster.

People are hurting. People are struggling. People are dying.

Please, if nothing else, at least continue to #prayfortexas

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