dad throwing powdery snowball at kids

Texas Snowball Fight: A Series

There’s no getting around the fact that this week’s winter storm in Texas was harrowing. The emotional effects of the stress and anxiety the water and power outages caused will be long-lasting.

snowball fight behind patio furniture

But, that isn’t to say we didn’t try our hardest to make the best of it.

We don’t see snow often, especially not like this. So, of course the kids enjoyed it while they could.

teen wearing face mask in snowball fight

This particular Texas snowball fight was the most epic one Colby and the kids have ever had.

Using overturned patio furniture and landscaping fences, they battled it out in the backyard.

Truly one of my favorite memories of the week. They had so much fun!

tween wearing face mask in snowball fight

Now, as the temperature officially rises above freezing today for the first time all week, the snow is starting to melt.

With the melting, many people will also discover the extent of damage to water lines in their homes.

If you’ve seen the news or videos across social media, you’ll see flooded homes from busted pipes.

dad getting hit in stomach during snowball fight

So, as we start to thaw, please keep Texas in your thoughts. We’ll be transitioning from one source of despair to another.

Please continue to #prayfortexas as we climb our way out of the snow and damage this next week.