It has been pretty darn hot here in North Texas this summer! In fact, as of Thursday {8/11}, the DFW area had recorded 40 consecutive days of over 100° temperatures.

Although we were expected to climb well over 100° as we had been almost all summer, a nice cold front moved in around lunch time and the temps quickly dropped from 96° to 84°F. Oh, it felt AMAZING!

Cloud bank
We could see the bank of clouds beginning to roll in over the lake

We saw the clouds beginning to roll in across the lake as we sat and ate lunch. Within a few minutes the wind had picked up and the sun was actually shaded by the bank of clouds.

We stood out on our back patio amongst the sun-dried grass and just enjoyed the cool breeze and smell of rain in the air. Another neighbor across the field came out and began jumping up and down while clapping and cheering, “C’mon, rain! C’mon rain!

We hung around outside for about an hour just waiting and doing our own little rain dances and prayers. My Facebook feed was full of hopeful friends chanting their own cheers as status updates. This was about to get serious! Or so we hoped!

clusters of clouds
Clusters of clouds drifted over us but never dropped any rain

The lake near our home is pretty low and the we have remained under “burn bans” and heat advisories for over the past month.

Let’s put it this way, the lake is typically full at 532 ft MSL. It is currently at 518.77 ft MSL and has dropped 0.13 in the past 24 hours. We are in dire need! Grass fires are abundant and fields of crops are suffering.

Can some of you getting plenty of rain just blow a bit this way… please?

At any rate, on Thursday afternoon, we actually saw clouds, felt cool winds, smelt rain, heard thunder and saw lightning… but never got the rain. The storms completely broke apart and diminished before they reached us.

Although some areas North of us got rain, not one drop made it over the lake to us. But, the front did bring cooler temps for a few hours, and that was just long enough to keep the “official” thermometer at DFW airport from reaching 100°F on Thursday.

Just enough to stop us in our tracks as we only needed to get to yesterday {8/12} to tie the record set back in the summer of 1980 {I turned 6 at the end of that summer}. One day shy!

But, I must admit, although several people were upset that we got so close and did not tie the record and/or surpass it, I was glad to see the cooler temps!

My air conditioner appreciated it that’s for sure! We even opened windows and let the fresh air blow through the house. The average high has been 106.6°F this month so the reprieve was awesome!

Besides, we have broken several other records this summer:

  • 100°F days is currently at 48 {as of 8/12} with highs in the 100’s for the next week {4th on record}
  • 5 consecutive days on August 1-5 of record-high temperatures {#2 on record}
  • 6 consecutive days of 105 or better on August 1-6 {#3 on record}

The last time DFW “officially” saw rain was on July 16th. I think I am okay with NOT breaking the record and being able to enjoy the outdoors with my kids for a bit. We actually woke up to wet grounds this morning! {The rain came in the early morning hours while we were still sleeping}.

Plus, there is still a small chance of rain through the weekend so we are holding on to the hope that more will make it here this time. My poor grass would be grateful!

Where are you and how hot has your summer been?

Are you ready to be done with the heat? I for one enjoy my summers… but I am good with 90° temps and less running of the air conditioner. I am gonna HATE to see that bill! Oy! :/