The testing …

Figured I should update the “World” on the testing today. We got up extra early (like 6am) to make sure everyone ate, bathed, and got dressed in plenty of time to allow for traffic. The two princesses were the last two for us to get out of bed and dress … and we packed them a breakfast to go to allow them more sleeping time. We left the house in record time and got to the testing facility in no time … in fact, we were 45 minutes early! Better than our normal arrival times everywhere else, with getting everyone ready (including two picky girls: Drama Queen and Princess JF), having to get myself into gear (remember … mornings and I don’t go well together), and simply getting everyone into the van and strapped into seats … we hardly ever get anywhere earlier than 10 minutes late! (Does that even make sense?) : )

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Anyways … we waited around a while before going in, prepping Prince W really. I reminded him of today’s daily quote from the blog (which was perfect for the occasion … God is so great) … over and over again. We are currently going through a “Connect” campaign at church and were all given fluorescent green bracelets to wear that say “Connect” on them, so I told him if he needed help to look at that, “connect” with God, and pray for wisdom. Drama Queen has taken tests before since she’s in Jr High, I wasn’t as worried about her obviously. We got inside, checked them both in, found their classrooms, got another wristband to wear (I got two), did a quick bathroom break, and then I was on my way back out with Super Dad and the two princesses.

We decided to go walk the nearby mall and wait the three hours we were told it would take. Got there at 9am and, of course, none of the stores were open … but at least we could sit in the heat of the mall and watch all the mall walkers make their rounds! We walked a bit until the stores finally started opening at 10am, and then went to the book store. We were in the book store for 10 minutes when the phone rang … Prince W was done. Uh-oh … was this good or bad? I mean, I told him to not worry too much about the ones he didn’t know, skip to the ones you do and come back. Had he skipped though the whole test? As we were piling in the van to go get him, Drama Queen called, she too was done. OK then, maybe all they really needed was an hour! (WHEW!!)

We picked them up, and headed home … it was only 10:30am. Stopped by the library on the way home, grabbed some sandwich stuff at the store, and came home to eat lunch. Since I was up late on the blog (*wink*), I ate, laid on the couch, and slept through an entire movie? Not even sure what they watched. I was awake when they were deciding what to watch, but never even saw the movie go into the DVD player! Nap was perfect and just what I needed!

Nevertheless, I was glad to get through the testing without a breakdown … from me or Prince W! I was pretty worried, especially when it came time to leave him. But, all in all, it went well. He said they were given “scantron” type cards to fill out … which he had never experienced … but that some of the others didn’t know how to utilize either so it was explained. It was mainly a reading comprehension test, and both said it was easy … just long. I guess we’ll see how “easy” when the grades come in! : )

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